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Typically, it is 8th grade.

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Q: If you are 13 which grade are you in?
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If your 13 in England schools what grade would you be in?

if you are 12-13 you will be in seventh grade and if you are 13-14 you will be eighth grade

What is your grade if you get 3 out of 13 problems wrong?

10/13 right = 77% grade

What grade school did Harriet Tubman attend?

The 13 grade

What grade is china mcclain is in?

she is in 7th grade if shes 13

Is a 13 year old in seventh grade?

A 13 year old would normally be in either 7th or 8th grade. You normally start 7th grade at 12 and turn 13 during the school year or the summer after (depending on when your birthday is), so then the normal age for 8th grade is 13-14.

13 years old what grade am i in?

We would expect you would be in 7th grade.

How old are you in fourth grade?

In fourth grade youre about 13-14 ( in UK that is)

What grade are you in when you are 13-14?


What age are you in grade 8?

Most kids are around 13 to 14 in grade 8.

What grade did Justin bieber have his first crush in?

He was 13 so 7th or 8th grade.

What grade is Jaden Smith in hes is 13 and its 2012?

jaden smith is in 9th grade

What is your grade if you get 1 out 13 problems wrong?

12/13 correct is a 92% which is an A-

What is your grade if you get 5 out of 13 problems wrong?

8/13 right = 62 %

What grade should a 13 year old be in?

Generally 8th grade. I taught 8th for 10 years and the majority of my students were 13. Yes, but a lot of 7th graders are also 13. Normally, a 13 year old should be in 7th or 8th grade (they should have their 13th birthday sometime during 7th grade and then begin 8th grade at 13). But it's technically possible for them to be anywhere between 6th and 9th grade. A kid who ever had to be held back a year will turn 13 in 6th grade. And then some kids skip a grade, and, some states have much later cutoff dates than average for starting places that allow 4 year olds to start kindergarten also end up letting some 13 year olds begin 9th grade.

If you were 12 whivh grade are you in?

You will make 12 in the sixth grade, and will be making 13 in the seventh. So, you will either be in the sixth or seventh grade.

What age are you in grade 7?

you are 12 or 13

What grade did Bobby Orr finish?


What grade is 13 out of 25?

52% D

What is your grade if you miss 13 out of 40?


What is the grade if you miss 4 out of 13?


What grade is 13 out of 75?

83% or B

What grade do you get if you get 13 out of 24?

54.2% or F

How old are you in 8th grade?


Is their 13 grade?

Some job applications have a selection for 13th-16th grade, meaning college.

What grade is China MCclain?

she is in 8th grade.... her birthday is august 25th, 1998 (age 13)

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