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If you turn 65 this year (2010) you were born in 1945. But if you were born in 1944 and your most recent birthday was in 2009, you are 65 until your birthday in 2010.

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Q: If you are 65 what year was you born?
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What year were you born if you turn 65 in 2013?

You were born in 1948. (2013 - 65 = 1,948).

What year is someone born who will be 65 Nov 2014?

If you will turn 65 in 2014, then you were born in 1949.

What year would you have to be born in if you were 65?

If you are turning 66 in this year, you would have been born in 1944. If you just turned 65, 1945.

What year should a person be born to be 65 years old in 2013?

2013 - 65 = 1948

How old would someone be if they were born 1945?

65 this year

What year should a person be born to be 65 years old?

Given the current year of 2010, if someone had already celebrated their birthday today, they would have been born in 2010 - 65 = 1945. If they had not yet celebrated their birthday, they would have been born in 1944.

How old would you be today if you were born in Jan of 1949?

2014 - 1949 = 65 → you were 65 on your birthday this year. Today is 20 February, so depending upon which day in January you were born, you will be one of the between 65 years 20 days and 65 years 51 days old inclusive.

When was Buck 65 born?

Buck 65 was born on March 4, 1972.

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How old will you be on July 27 2012 if you were born in 1947?

If you were born on July 27 you would be 65 years old. But if you weren't, it depends on what day of the year you were born.

What year to collect social secrity born in 1979?

What age? Let's say 65 years old. Treating year of birth as a number (which it is!), just add them: 1979 + 65 = ? You can do it in your head. Or longhand on paper. Or use a calculator.

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Paul was born early in the first century AD and died in Rome about the year 64-65 AD.

What is the normal heart rate for a 65-year-old?

what is the average heart rate for a 65 year old male

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What is 65 percent of 1 year?.

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Average weight of a 65 year old person?

average weight for a 65 year old person is 202 lbs.

How old is someone born in 1949?

65, as of September 29, 2014 and provided their birthday was on or before this date. The simple way to calculate the age is to subtract the birth year, 1949 from the current year. So 2014 minus 1949 is 65.

What vitamins should a 65 year old woman take?

I'm 65 taking prenatal vitamins is it ok?

How old was St. Monica when she died?

Monica was born in the year 322 and died in the year 387. She would have been about 65 years old at the time of her death,

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Assuming it is a normal year with 365 days, the fraction would be 65/365 = 13/73

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If you retire at 65 that would be in 2017. This would all depend on your individual circumstances. Social Security pays out sooner but for maximum benefits the age is 65.

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What is your answer

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