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Blaming the victim, or partner is one of the many ways the abusive person uses to confuse the victim and/or to make it "seem" acceptable. Please read The Verbally Abusive Relationship by Patricia Evans and visit for more information.

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Q: If you are being verbally and physically abused what can you do if he thinks it's your fault because you push his buttons?
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In what ways can children be abused?

Children can be abused mentally, physically, sexually and verbally.

How did Hitlers father treat him?

He was physically and verbally abused by his father.

How people in the population get bullied?

they are abused physically and verbally maybe at school or home and may be abused online

When a minor lives in Maryland and has been physically and verbally abused by the parent the minor does not live with in Florida does the minor have to visit the parent that abused them?

no you shouldn't but if you want to you can

How do children get abused?

Just the same as an adult: physically, mentally, verbally, sexually. Children are indirectly abused when they witness such abuse between other members of the household.

Is there a test to take if your parents verbally abused you?

If you have to ask... Then you are probably being abused verbally.

What is the internal conflicts in the color purple written by Alice Walker?

Celie is consistently abused verbally, physically, and sexually.

Your niece wants to live with you instead of her verbally abusive mother?

LET HER MOVE IN!!!! If a child or teen is verbally or physically abused, and they are 12 and over, they are allowed to choose whom they would want to live with.

How can a child be abused?

Mentally, emotionally, sexually, verbally, physically, and even legally if the system is used to abuse the child (eg visiting rights)

What does Emergency by paramore mean?

Its about the band members broken families, in particuluar Hayley's because her mom and dad are divorced and stuff Another Answer: It is about hayley's parent's divorce and how her EX-stepdad verbally abused her and maybe physically abused her mother

What do i do if i am being emotionally verbally and now physically abused?

Get help immediately, because no one should go through all that.

ONce either physically or verbally abused by men why cant those women whom have been abused by their men just leave especially those who are in a boy-girl friend relationship?

It is either because they are scared, they feel no wrong at what the man is doing, or their is a lot at stake such as kids, their life, whatever it may be.

What are some ways women get abused?

phisically or verbally.

What were Michael Jackson's obstacles when he was young?

His father actually abused him physically, mentally, and verbally. Not only that but around the time Micheal relesed Music and Me (1973) he was facing voice changes.

Do men and women have different reasons for infidelity?

Yes, For men it's mostly sex. For women it's mostly being unfulfilled emotionally , or being verbally or physically abused.

Should I break ties with my mother who verbally and physically abused me and cheated on my dad when I was younger because I can't let go of my anger and hate toward her?

If you still live with her then i would try stay away from that anger but if you are out of the house you have no reason to be nice to her.

Was eminem sexualy abused?

Yes, according to interviews, rapper Eminem was in fact sexually abused as a child. He was sexually abused and verbally abused by his step father.

About how many kids are abused?

According to some, every child is abused. Because if they aren't being physically, sexually or emotionall abused then they are being neglected, which is a form of abuse.

What are the legal steps that a neighbor can take if you know that a teenager is being abused verbally or physically?

Answer Why not involve the Police as they have the connections to the Special Agencies who handle such problems as child abuse.

A professionals opinion on long term effect or physically abused children?

because i was a physically abused and emotionally abused child i was wanting to know the long term effect of it! i was hit in the head with objects, beaten! If anyone knows i would like to hear! thanks!

Why did jenny from Forrest gump hate her father?

Because he physically and sexually abused her and her sisters.

Does Johnny Cade like to fight in The Outsiders?

In The Outsiders, the character of Johnny Cade was played by Ralph Macchio. Johnny does not like to fight because he has been both physically and verbally abused at home. He was also beaten by the Socs gang and lives in fear of having to fight.

Why are some people mean to animals?

Usually, people are mean to animals because they lack compassion and empathy, a narcissistic trait. People who are cruel to animals are often verbally or physically abused by family members and direct their anger for this towards animals that cannot defend themselves.

How common in nursing home abuse in the US?

Nursing home abuse is not very common in the United States. There are very few cases where the elderly in need of assistance are being abused whether verbally or physically.

Why does a son verbal abuse mother?

Many children have grown up abusing their parents. Usually it is a learned trait that has been taught by one of the parents. If a husband abuses his wife verbally or physically then there is the chance that the child will grow up with these same traits. They may exhibit this on one of their parents or on their own wife or husband when they marry. If you are being physically abused then call your local Department of Social Services or 911. No one deserves to be abused verbally or phuysically.