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The answer depends on how long will it take for WHAT!

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Q: If you are moving 3.14 over 6 radians per second how long will it take?
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How many radians is a dog that has been tethered with a 20 foot lead if the length of the path is 45 feet?

In order to find radians, you simply have to put Arc Length over Radius. Radius = 20 Arc Length = 45 45/20 = radians radians = 2.25

What is the Cotangent of pi over 7 radians?

The answer is undefined as the Cotangent of Pi is undefined.

How can you get over a boyfriend moving far away?

You don't need to "get over" him. You guys can have a long-distance relationship!

What number has a cosine of 15 over 17?

The cosine of 0.489957 radians is 15/17

How many rotations per second would an object that's 151045 miles in diameter produce if it was rotating at 30000000 miles per hour?

If traveling at 30,000,000 mph over a radius of 151.045/2 = 75,522.5 miles the rotational velocity is 30000000/75522.5 = 397.23 radians per hour. Since a rotation is 2 pi radians, that is 63.22 revolutions per hour, or 0.0176 rotations per second

What are the exact values of the sine and cosine functions of 2pi over 65537 in radians?

The answer will depend on whether the angles are measured in degrees or radians. That information is not provided and so the question cannot be answered.

How long on average does it usually take for teens to get over long relationships?

depending on how long the relationship was and if you really loved them i dont think you'll ever be completely over them, moving on is the best thing to do to get over them.

What is sin pi over 6?

You can calculate that on any scientific calculator. Presumably, for any expression that involves "pi" the angle should be in radians, so be sure to set the calculator to radians first.

How can a river get long?

it will get longer by washing over where it starts or ends, moving the soil to grow.

Derive equation between angular and linear acceleration?

Since angular acceleration is in radians per second squared, which is change in angular speed over time, we know that α=ω/t, where α is angular acceleration, ω is angular speed, and t is time (assuming α is constant.)ω is measured in radians per second. If me multiply ω by r, which is the radius of the circle the object is acceleration around, we get ωr, which has units of (radians*radius)/second. Since the angle in radians times the radius gives the distance, these units are equivalent to meters/second, so ωr = v.Therefore, α=(v/r)/t=v/rt.Acceleration (a) is v/t, so α=(v/t)(1/r)=a/r.The equation would then be:α=a/r, or a=rα (Where α is angular acceleration, a is acceleration, and r is the radius.)

How many revolutions will a turntable that rotates through an angle of 3 over 2 pi in one second make in 60 seconds?

I guess you mean 3 pi over 2, ie 3π/2 though it may have been given to you as (3/2)π To solve this, find the total angle turned in 60 seconds and divide by the angle in a whole turn, ie one revolution. In 60 seconds it will turn through an angle of 60 × 3π/2 radians = 90π radians One revolution is 2π radians → 90π radians = 90π/2π revolutions = 45 revolutions (45 rpm - the figure calculated - was the standard for a single).

A major arc will have a measure that is?

A major arc must measure over 180 degrees, or pi radians

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