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Supposedly it can be very bad for the baby. It will give you diarhea and as you know that causes a lot of pain, cramping, and pushing of the stomache muscles that MAY cause you to get sick enough to push enough to dilate, however they say the health risk is not worth it. Try red leaf tea, intercourse, and a bath.Answer
If you're about ready, castor oil MIGHT help things along but it is more likely to just give you a very nasty case of the runs. It's quite normal to get impatient toward the end of a pregnancy, especially when it's uncomfortable and you can't sleep, stand, walk, sit, stand up after sitting, drive... yea. It's normal to want to get this over with. But the simple reality is, the kid will come when he/she is ready unless you can convince your doctor that he/she is ready.
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Most any of the methods you can use to jumpstart labor (fresh pineapples, sex, long walks, nipple stimulation, castor oil) will only work if your body is ready- if the baby isn't ready there isn't much to do to make it come, but that's a good thing. Let that baby bake, miserable as it is for the mom. A medical induction (using pitocin) might be possible, but it significantly increases the odds of complications and makes contractions come hard and strong (and painful). Unless you are way overdue, it's best to let that baby bake.

Castor oil has been associated (in my mind, wrongly) with the baby having meconium problems (when the baby has their first bowel movement in the womb and can accidentally swallow it); personally I think that that has far more to do with women going over term (and therefore more likely to have meconium) being more likely to want to get the baby out by such drastic means as drinking castor oil.
It has been scientifically proven the castor oil doesn't pass to the baby... but the effects on the mom can range from nothing to severe diahrea/cramping/dehydration. That said, my sister used castor oil on 3 of her 4 pregnancies and it kickstarted labor in 2 of the 3.
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Q: If you are not dilated or effaced at all and you drink castor oil can it just make you become dilated and effaced?
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Can i drink castor oil when my Baby's head is up?


How long does it take to get diarrhea?

I suppose that would depend on what you eat/drink, but if you are in a hurry to get it, drink some castor oil.

Can you drink castor oil at 32 weeks pregnant?

Castor oil is contraindicated during pregnancy. You will be given some gentle and safe purgative by your physician.

Is drinking Castor Oil while your baby is in breech position safe?

A doctor will never tell you to drink Castor Oil. There are no studies that show Castor Oil will induce labor or help your baby flip from the breech position.

Does vegetable oil work the same as castor oil to induce birth?

Yes, but don't drink it.

If you already started dilating does castor oil still work for you?

Don't drink castor oil! It just gives you stomach pains and diarrohea which you really don't want during labour

Can you drink caster oil at 39 weeks?

Purgatives are not a good idea in pregnancy. If you feel you need to drink castor oil, check with your doctor first.

What can you do to help labor to come naturally if you are 2 cm and 75 percent effaced?

drink red raspberry leaf tea, go for walks, have intercourse.

Is it safe to take castor oil at 27 weeks pregnant?

No, because if you drink Castor Oil during an early development stage you may harm the baby .The harm happens because drinking Castor Oil causes diarrhea Which may cause your baby to have a bowl movement in the womb.

Are castor beans still poisonous if your wife has boiled the cracked seeds and is trying to drink it thinking she has made castor oil?

This would be highly toxic. Castor oil is not made this way. The poison in castor bean seeds is water-soluble and so this mix is deadly...tell someone about this who she will listen to and get whatever help you can to make sure this brew is destroyed and the point understood as to how toxic it is. The Related Link below is a source of information. no its O.K. let her drink it. if you crush the beans the powder you get is also very healthy.

Is it ok to drink castor oil at 40 weeks Pregnant?

ya it is fine i just got home from my doctors and i am over due she set me a date to induce but said that it would be fine to drink castor oil 3 or 4tblspoons of it cuz nothing is happening 4 me my cervix is 100% but other then that nuthin

How much castor oil must you drink to lose a baby?

2Tables spoons then go walking for a bit it should work,

How long would a person live for whos has dilated cardiomyopathy and drinks alcohol?

Not as long as long as you would if you DIDN'T drink alcohol.

Will you go into labor if you drink castor oil at 32 weeks?

You will not go in labor normally at 32 weeks of pregnancy, when you take Castor oil. But then this is not universally true. So you do not give such a brisk purgative to the pregnant woman, at this stage of pregnancy.

Can a 6 week pregnant woman take Castor oil?

I am a 36 mother of 4 i think i am pregnant i last saw my periods last month at the beginning of the month so can i drink castor trouble bring it down Answer Castor oil in a limited dose will help with constipation, not anything else. Take a pregnancy test and visit your doctor if you are pregnant.

What would happen if you drink Castor Oil at 7 months?

It will make you have to poop. You may also throw up other than that nothing.

Im 39weeks and 2cm dilated if you drink castrol oil will it put you into labor?

Yes you can...and a spoonful will lubricate that baby right out of you like greased lightning..

How should you take castor oil?

1 Tbs. Castor Oil in a gulp of O.J. followed by the juice of a boiled grapefruit. Bring 1 quart of water and sliced grapefruit to a boil for 15 minutes. Mash the grapefruit with a potato masher and strain the liquid off and drink it down. You can drink it warm or cold, with or without sugar or honey. If your body is ready for labor this is known to work.

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You are 39 weeks and dialated 2cm how much castor oil do you think you should take to get things started?

i don't know about castor oil so i won't advise you...but i know cuz i did it --i walk alot and had sex--i went to labor faster and took me 2 hours to have my baby and drink alot of water too but ask your doctor about castor oil if its safe or not or maybe someone will right to you if it work or not... congrat

If you drink castor oil does the dioreah come out uncontrolably?

At first you will have to swallow an adequate dose Castor Oil in order to move the bowels. The Russian Popular Medicine recommends one milliliter Castor Oil per kilogramm of the human weight; e. g. 60 kg corresponds to 60 ml (= 2 oz) Castor Oil. Second: Normally the first evacuations will beginn 2 to 4 hours after having gulped an andequate dose Castor Oil, exceptionally 1 to 6 hours later. Third: Normally the evacuations of the bowels will begin suddenly without any warning; so stay near the bathroom.

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I am 34 weeks and dialated to a 1 and was wanting to know if it would be ok to drink castor oil to go into labor?

If the baby has reached full term and you are pretty much ready to deliver, a little castor oil probably won't hurt. Many people claim that this is a valid and helpful way to facilitate delivery. Others say it does nothing. In general, it does nothing if you aren't pretty much ready to deliver. You should review this with your doctor or the delivery room staff of your hospital before you take any action. Considering that a baby is not considered "full term" until 37 weeks I would not suggest taking castor oil until you are at least 37 weeks (after consulting your doctor) Even though you are dilated to a 1, it does not mean that you will be going into labor any time soon. You can be dilated to a 4 and carry a baby for several more weeks. Even though it is proven that castor oil is more effective than some other natural induction methods, it is also debatable on how safe it is. Most doctors do not recommend castor oil until you are over your due date. Some other natural ways that you can help speed things up are: sex, spicy foods, pineapple (helps ripen the cervix), red raspberry leaf tea, walking, and most of all! Just relax!!! Your time will come when the baby is ready!!