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My teacher knows how to do most anything, what she cant do is math and social studies. She is a teacher as I said, but she has that answer book thing. Otherwise my class would beat her at both. She doesn't do social studies though. My other teacher does it for my class. If your only weakness is math I think you would be qualified as one of the best teachers ever. Take it from a third grader. Mainly a teachers pet. == Most teacher education programs use math as far as understanding the statistics of grading and it is not difficult. In fact, the only math I took in getting the degree was one that dealt with grading and evaluation using very basic statistics.

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Q: If you are not good in math but you are good in other subjects would you be qualified to become a teacher?
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How long have you been a teacher? What do you admire in a student? Did you want to be a teacher as a child? What is your favorite thing about being a teacher? Why do you enjoy teaching? How long have you been teaching? When did you decide that you wanted to become a teacher? What subjects are you qualified to teach? Why did you choose to work in the grade you have chosen? Have you had any other job besides being a teacher? ----------- A good question should be ask in teacher interview: How do you teach your children

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To become a teacher you have to decide first on what type of teaching degree you want e.g. if you would like to become a maths teacher do well in maths and science, HPE teacher science and HPE, While and arts teacher you work on art music and drama. ---- On the other hand, if you wish to be a primary school teacher, you do not need any special skills in any particular subjects. You only need to be able to complete your Bachelor of Education (or its equivalent in your country). Sometimes, someone who has struggled in a particular subject in school becomes an excellent teacher in that subject, simply because they understand better why children struggle, or can relate to why the child doesn't understand.

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Relationship of mathematics with other subjects?

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What subjects do you need to take in high school to become an English primary school teacher?

A third level English A third level math A third level Science A third level History or Geography One other third level course

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