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24 is the number that can be divided equally by 3 and 8

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Q: If you can divide something equaly into groups of 8 and 3 what is the number that can be divided equaly?
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What does subdivided mean in math?

To divide something that has already been divided. 8, which can be divided into two groups of four, can be subdivided into four groups of two.

How come zero divided by zero in not defined?

Any number divided by zero is undefined. This is true it is because you cannot divide something into zero groups (but you can put zero into an existing amount of groups, which is why zero can legally be divided by other numbers).

How did Moses divide the people into groups?

Moses did not divide people into groups. The children of Israel were divided into tribes based on which son of Jacob(Israel) they descended from.

Why did Islam divide into 2 groups?

they divided over religious and political disputes

How do you divide a hexagon into nine equal parts?

Divide it into 72 pieces, group them into groups of 8. DoNe

What two groups did Aristotle divide animals into?

He divided animals into two groups- those with red blood and those without it.

Can you divide fourteen into two equal groups why or why not?

Yes, 14 divided by 2 is 7.

Why is the number 1 when you divide itself?

An easy way to think of division is when you are dividing something, you are sharing something into groups. Say you have 3 books. If you share it into 3 groups, you get 1 book in each group. Therefore, whenever a number is divided by itself, the answer is always 1.

Can you divide 32 students into 4 equal groups?

Yes. The group can be divided into 2, 4, 8 or 16 groups evenly.

How do you divide the 27 amendments into 3 groups?

27 amendments divided into three groups gives you 9 amendments per group.

What is five divided by zero?

Five divide by zero is undefined because it is not possible to put 5 into 0 groups.

What is thirtyseven divided by zero equal?

In mathematics, in almost all instances, you are not allowed to divide by zero, so the answer would be 'disallowed' or something similar. When you think about division in the most basic sense, it is the act of separating a quantity into a number of groups. So when you try to imagine separating 37 of something into zero groups, the equation does not make sense.

What criterion is used to divide rocks into three groups?

Rocks are put into different groups based on how they are made, igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks are the three kinds,they are divided by how they were transformed.

How did slavery divide white southerners?

It divided the white Southerners into two groups. The group of people who owned slaves, and those who didn't.

How was the early Egyptian society divided?

The early Egyptian society was divide into different types of classes or groups such as,: Pharaohs, Nobilty, and slaves.

Scientists today divide plants into two large groups based on?

scientists today divide plants into two large groups based onwhat are the two large groups of plants Edited answer: Based on vasculature, the plant kingdom is divided into- 1. Vascular and 2. Non-vascular plants.

How do you draw a diagram of 40 divided by 12?


What is the purpose of division?

Division is the opposite of multiplication== # The operation of determining how many times one quantity is contained in another; the inverse of multiplication.# The proportional distribution of a quantity or entity.# Something, such as a boundary or partition, that serves to divide or keep separate.# One of the parts, sections, or groups into which something is divided.

Can plants be divided in two groups?

can plant s be divided in two groups

How were fields slaves divided up?

They were put into two groups 1 group would to something to do with cattle and the other would do something to do with crops

How many groups did Aristotle divide living things into?

Aristotle divided the animals into five groups. (MR.FAB)M ammalsR eptilesF ishA mphibiansB irds

How can you divide 180 and 3?

To divide 180 by 3: ask your self what is 18 divided by 3 (how many groups of 3 in 18) . The answer is 6 ( 6x3 = 18). So 6 is the first number in your answer. now ask yourself what is 0 divided by . The answer is 0. So 0 is the second number in your answer. 180 divided by 3 = 60

What is 5 divided by 0?

Undefined: You cannot divide by zero

Are mammals divided into sub groups?

Yes, mammals are divided into many sub-groups.

How many groups are vertebrates divided into?

Vertabrates are divided into five groups. The groups are mammals , reptiles , fish , birds and amphibians.