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12 and 1/2 books

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Q: If you can read 5 books in 8 hours how many books can you read in 20 hours?
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How many people read books?


Suzanne can read 1 page in 3 minutes How many pages can she read in 5 hours?

if she read 1 page in 3 minutes then she can read 60/3 pages in 1 hour = 20 if she can read 20 pages in 1 hour then she can read 20 x 5 pages in 5 hours = 100 pages answer 100 pages

How many book's does the average American read every year in numbers?

The average American reads about 15 books per year. Although Austrailians read 20% more books than we do, I think we still read alot.

Suzanne can read 1page in 3 minutes how many can she read in 5 hours?

60 / 3 = 20 20 * 5 = 100 20 pages per hour x 5 hours = 100 pages in 5 hours

can read 1 page in 3 minutes how many pages can you read in 5 hours?

1 hour = 60 minsCan read 60 mins ÷ 3 mins/page = 20 pages per hour.In 5 hours can read 5 x 20 pages = 100 pages.

How many DGray-man books are there?

the series is still ongoing. currently, there are 15-20 books out. America however, is still on volume 16. (these are estimates based on what ive bought or read online.)

How many books are there of beauty is the beast?

There are currently 20 books.

How many minutes will be in 20 hours?

20 hours is 1,200 minutes.

Cybil read 3 tenths an hour before breakfast 9 twentyths and hour during the day and 1 and 3 fifths an hour after dinner what was total hours read?

18 + 27 + 96 = 141 minutes = 2 hours, 21 minutes 6/20 + 9/20 + 32/20 = 47/20 = 141/60 = 2.35 hours

What skills are required to learn to read?

an IQ above 20 and a teacher who knows how to read (or some verry well written picture books)

How many books did chris van allsburg write?

20 Books

What is a good book if you have already read Stephenie Meyer's books?

Read the Dark series by Christine Feehan. Be aware - there are 20 of them. Not for for Children!!

How many books can fit in 5 boxes?

a box can hold 4 books. how many books can 5 boxes hold?

Would you expect an ecosystem that had not been disturbed for 20 years to remain the same?

read books ;3

How many days is 20 hours?

24÷20=083333 20 hours = .83333 days

How many clique books are there?

There are 20 Clique books including the summer collection. ;)

How many books has Patrick carman written?

20 books

How many hours in 20 days and 18 hours?

498 hours. 20 multiplied by 24 = 480 + 18 = 498.

How many hours is there in 20 days?

You can multiply the 20 days by the amount of hours in a day.

How many seconds and hours are in 20 kiloseconds?

20 kiloseconds = 20 000 seconds = 5 hours 33 minutes 20 seconds

How many hours is 830 am to 1150 am?

3 hours and 20 minutes.

If you had a score of books how many would you have?


How many books has J.K.Rowling written?


How many books has Cathy cassidy written?

Cathy Cassidy has written 20 books.

How many books has Margaret Peterson Haddix published?

to my knowledge, she has published 20 books