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Could be a trick question:

1 light year = 6 trillion miles, which is a 13-digit number......13 seconds.

Or, the question could be interpreted as counting to 6 trillion at a rate of 1 number/sec. In this case, about 1900 centuries.

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How many three digit number contain the digit 2?

There are several ways to answer this. I think this is the easiest: Count the number of three-digit numbers: The first digit can be 1-9; the second and third digits can be 0-9. So, there are 9 choices for the first digit and 10 choices for the second and third digits. This gives you 9 x 10 x 10 = 900 three-digit numbers. Right? Then count the number of three-digit numbers that do NOT contain the digit 2. This is done similarly! Try it! Now, if you think about it, the difference between these two quantities IS the number of three-digit numbers that DO contain a 2, which is what you wanted.

What is the significant figures of 0.002300?

4 significant figures (because this number has a decimal, start counting at the first non-zero digit from the left...so count 2300).

In the number 213954670 which digit has the second greatest value?

The digit with the second greatest value in the number is '1'. its value is second to the largest number which is 2.

How does hexadecimal count?

Counting in hexadecimal is basically like counting in decimal - just remember that the highest digit is "F" instead of "9". So, after "9", you continue with the digits "A", "B", ... "F", and after the last digit gets to "F", you set it back to zero (just as in decimal, you would set the last digit to zero after a "9"), and add one to the previous digit. For example, the next number after 3F is 40. And the next number after 3FF is 400.

What is a consecutive digit?

There's no such thing as one consecutive digit. There has to be at least two of them.When you count, consecutive digits are numbers that you name in a row, with nothing else between them.Examples:34 and 35 are consecutive. There's no counting number between them.97 and 98 are consecutive. There's no counting number between them.62 and 64 are not consecutive, because 63 comes between them.

How do you multiply a three-digit number by a two-digit number?

Multiply the three-digit number by the one's digit, or last digit, of the two-digit number. That is your first part. Now multiply by the second-to-last digit, or ten's digit, and multiply the result by 10. That is your second part. Add the two parts and that is your answer.

What is a two digit counting number?

All of the whole numbers from 10 to 99.

How many two-digit counting numbers are greater than 70 or a multiple of ten?

- There are an infinite number of "counting numbers" that are greater than 70. - There are also an infinite number of "counting number" that are multiples of 10. So.... since you used an "OR" statement, this mean how many number are true for both statements above. That would be: AN INFINITE NUMBER of counting numbers. In fact, if you had said "AND", it still would be an infinite number: 80, 90, 100, ... and so on FOREVER. * * * * * The above answer has interpreted the questions as "two-digit counting numbers greater than 70" OR "a multiple of ten". Apart from the fact that there are not an infinite number of two-digit counting numbers greater than 70, the answer would be correct. But the answer could be interpreted as "two digit counting numbers" that are "greater than 70" OR "a multiple of ten". In that case, the first set is {71, 72, ... 99} and the second is {10, 20, 30, ... 90} with an intersection set consisting of {80 and 90} So there are 29 + 9 - 2 = 36 such number.

How many three digit numbers can be made out of all the numbers from 1 to 9 with out repeating any number?

my name is teshome hambissafrom the three digitthe first is filled by 9 digitthe second is filled by 9 digitthe third is filled by 9 digitso that by principle of countingthere are 9x9x9=729 ways.

What is the 33rd digit in the number pi?

Pi to 33 decimal places = 3.141592653589793238462643383279502 So, the number 0 is the 33rd digit (of you count the 3 before the decimal place) But, if you count after the decimal place, then it is the number 2.

The code in the safe in the shinra mansion in final fantasy 7 crisis core?

The numbers are different for everyone, but to find the numbers..First Digit - Knowledge Overflowing (In the room nearest Cloud, you will find a room full of bookshelves. Count the books which are on the desk on the right side of the shelves for this number.)Second Digit - Unfamiliar Faces (In a room on the first floor you will find eerie apparitions floating in a room. Count them for this digit.)Third Digit - Tasty Reminders From Home (The second locked room on the second floor will hold dumb-apples and cans of juice. Count them.)Fourth Digit - On All Four Legs (The other locked room on the first floor holds a bunch of chairs. Count them up for the final number.)

How do you find most occurring digit in a number?

Count them unless the number has a recurring ending.

What is 3-digit number?

A three digit number is any counting number between 100 and 999 (inclusive). It is made up of three digits, the first of which cannot be 0.

Is a 3-digit number all the digits are different the first and second digits are multiples of 3 the first digit is greater than the second digit?

Not necessarily. Consider 444. The digits are not different. The first and second digits are not multiples of 3 The first digit is not greater than the second digit. In spite of all that, 444 is a 3-digit number

Can a counting number be displayed in decimal?

Of course. A decimal number is simply a way of representing a number in such a way that the place value of each digit is ten times that of the digit to its right. That's all. You do not need a decimal point or anything else.

Which is the smalllest 3 digit number?

Assuming you mean whole numbers and leading zeros do not count, the smallest 3 digit number is 100.

Can counting number a decimal?

A decimal number is simply a way of representing a number in such a way that the place value of each digit is ten times that of the digit to its right. So, yes, any number can be a decimal.

What three digit number is divisible by 9 and 10?

Anything from 180 to 990 counting by 90.

What is the last digit of counting?

a number between 25 and 35 whose digits make a product of 16Answer:If I understand your question, the last digit in counting is nine (9) and the first is zero (0). When counting objects it starts; none (or zero), 1, 2, . . . 9

How do you Write a program that determines the number of occurrences of each digit in a given integer n?

there could be a part in it like this: int num, digit; int count [10]; do { digit = num%10; num != 10; ++count[digit]; } while (num);

How do you open the safe in crisis core?

Already been answeredFirst Digit: Go to the room on the east side of the second floor and look through the keyhole. The first digit is the number of books that are not on any shelves in the bookcase. Don't forget to count the ones on top of the bookcase!Second Digit: Go to the room on the east side of the first floor, look through the keyhole, and count the number of Dorky Faces inside. They will sometimes disappear, but will always remain in the same place.Third Digit: Go to the room on the west side of the second floor, look through the keyhole, and count the number of Banora apples and/or cans in the room. Be sure to check under the furniture or on the floor.Fourth Digit: Go to the room on the west side of the first floor, look through the keyhole, and count the number of chairs in the room.Use the four digits to open the safe and receive the Vital Slash materia.

How many four-digit positive integers are there with thousands digit 2?

There are 2,000 of them ... every positive integer (counting number) from 2,000 to 2,999 .

Smallest three digit number?

100. Unless you count 0.01. Depends if you're taking "digit" to imply "integer" or not.

What is the least five digit number?

Guessing 10 000. The zeros count as a digit. The greatest possible is 99 999. =)

How many significant figures are there in the following number 1.10030?

Five. Count from the first nonzero digit to the last nonzero digit.

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