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No. There is no way you can cut one rectangle in half and only get one square. The other half would also have to be a square and this will only happen if the proportions are 1:2 and you cut the long sides.

There are infinitely many ways to cut a rectangle in half none of which result in new rectangles. Only if the rectangle has proportions 1:2 can cutting it in half make a square, in fact the result could be two squares, not one.

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Q: If you cut a rectangle in half does it make a square?
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Is a rectangle a special type of square?

yes, because if you cut the rectangle in half it would make 2 squares

Can a square be cut in half vertically to make two identical rectangles?

Yes of course. Each rectangle will have a width half its length.

If you cut a square in half which best describes it?

A rectangle.

Can rectangle cut in half become a square?

That depends on its dimensions.

Why do you have to cut the area of a triangle in half?

Because otherwise you would have found the area of the rectangle/square (the rectangle/square being if you put two of the triangles together).

How do you find the square of a rectangle?

To find a Square in a rectangle first you have to:Make sure the rectangle is Flat.Draw a line straight and exactly in the middle.There you have your two squares in your Rectangle!So just cut a Rectangle in half!

Will a rectangle cut in half make two rectangles or two squares?

It will make two squares.

If you cut a a cube in half does it still stay a cube?

I think no because a cube is a perfect 3D square and if you cut it it becomes a rectangle type thing

Can all rectangles be cut in half vertically or horizontally to make 2 congruent rectangle?


Can a rectangle be cut in half vertically or horizontally to make two congruent rectangles?


Can all rectangle be cut in half vertically or horizontally to make two congruent rectangles?


How do you cut a 9 by 4 rectangle into a 6 by 6 square?

You can't unless you can rearrange the cut rectangle.

What solid figure would you get if you cut a rectangle in half?

If you cut a rectangle in half you wouldn't get a solid figure at all, since a rectangle is a plane figure. If you made a straight line cut you would get either a triangle or a quadrilateral of some variety depending on exactly how the cut was made.

Can a parallelogram be cut in half horizontally to make two identical rectangles?

No, it cannot - unless it was a rectangle to start with.

How do you make a picture of 3 halves as a fraction?

it would be simplified to one and a half. so draw one full rectangle, or whatever, then draw one rectangle, cut it in half, and shade in one half.

How could you make a trapezoid out of a rectangle in one cut?

fold it in half and cut it the corners

How to make awesome Kraft Boxes?

cut out your paper squares. To make our box we'll need two square pieces of paper. ... Fold the paper squares in half. Fold your paper into a diamond. Make the paper creases. Turn your paper square into a rectangle. Create an L with your paper. Unfold the edges.Finish your box!

A rectangle has a base of 5 inches and a height of 7 inches If the dimensions are cut in half what will happen to the area of the rectangle?

It doesn't make any difference what the original dimensions are. If they're both cut in half, the area is reduced to 1/4 of the original area.

-when you draw a rectangle with golden proportion sizes any time you cut a perfect square out of it remaining rectangle will maintain it's original proportiongoldenas far as it's length allows?

When you cut out a square from a rectangle shape you will not have the original proportion. A square has four equal side a rectangle has four side that are not equal.

How is a triangle and rectangle alike?

They are both polygon. If you cut a rectangle diagonally, you will have two triangles. And if you want to figure out the area of a right triangle, you can treat it as a rectangle and then cut your calculation in half to get the correct answer.

How do you make a octagon?

Cut the corners off of a square or rectangle, but do so from points that are not near the centers of each side.

How can you draw a rectangle with 3 lines?

cut in half

How do you draw 3 halves as a rectangle?

Draw a square and cut it in half from the middle of the top line to the middle of the bottom line. Draw another square just to the right, using that line as its left side. Note that you will only have to draw half of the square. You now have 3 halves.

What melts faster milk or water?

of course they can be cut into a square. if you peel the skin of and cut it into pieces you can cut it into a square, rectangle, and many other shapes.

Can an rectangles be cut half in to vertically or horizontally?

Yes, you can cut a rectangle any way you please.