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21 divide by 16 = 1.3125 inches

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Q: If you divide a 21 inch circle into 16 parts what is the width of each part?
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How do you divide circle in 8 equals parts?

You divide 360 degrees by eight (there are 360 degrees in a circle) so each section would be 45 degrees.

How do you find the angle of a circle divided into 8 equal parts?

There are 2pi in a circle. If we divide a circle into 8 equal parts, then each part will be pi/4, [(2pi)/8].

Is it possible to divide a circle into 22 parts?

Yes, each pie shaped piece will be 16.3636363636 deg

Dividig circle into 18 equal parts?

A circle has 360 degrees. Divide 360 by 18 and you will find that each equal part of the divided circle is 20 degrees.

How do you find the width to length ratio of each rectangle?

Divide the width by the length: width -------- height

How can you divide 26 inches circle into 15 equal parts?

Divide it into segments (like pizza slices), each of 360/15 = 24 degrees.

How do you shade 2 thirds of a circle?

Using a protractor divide it into three parts, each of 120 degrees. Shade two of them

How do you divide a circle in to 5 equal parts?

The number of degrees in one complete revolution of a radius is 360°. Therefore the number of degrees covered in 1/5 of a revolution is 72° . To divide a circle into 5 equal parts create 5 sectors each measuring 72° at the centre of the circle.

What is convert they width of each coin millimeters into centimeters?

It is simply divide the width - in mm - by 10.

If you divide a circle into 15 equal parts how many degrees will there be in each part?

its 360/15 = 24 degrees

How do you divide square into 4parts?

Simple, if you want 4 uneven parts, just put 3 lines into it easily making 4 parts. If you want 4 even parts, calculate the area (Length * Width) then divide the product by 4. That will give you the size of each part. After that you just divide the square into 4 parts of that area.

How do you divide a circle into five equal parts?

If a circle is comprised of 360 degrees, then each of the five sections will encompass 72 degrees. From an arbitrary radius, using a protractor, measure 72 degrees, then continue around the circle.

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