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If you divide 60 by 6 the result is 10.

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Q: If you divide a number by 6 the result is 10?
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If you divide a number by 6 add 2 multiply by 3 and subtract 5 the result is 10 What is the number?

its 3

Divide you by 3 or multiply you by 6 the answer will be the same what number are you?


How do you get a fraction to a decimal?

you dived the bottom number into the top number like if you have 6\10 you divede 10 in to 6 like this 6/10 / means divide

What happens when you divide a signed number by -1?

If it's a positive number then the result will be negative. If it is a negative the result will be positive. +6/-1 = -6 -6/-1 = +6

How do you work out how to divide a positive number by a negative number?

Pretend the negative number is positivedivide the positive number by a positive numbermake the result negative.For example, divide 12 by -6:Pretend -6 is 6divide 12 by 6 to get 2make the result negative to give -2Thus 12 ÷ -6 = -2

How do you find 60 percent of a number?

Divide the number by 10 and then times that number by 6

Find 30 divide by 10 Double the result What is the answer?


3x plus 6 equals x -10 what does x equal?

3x + 6 = x - 10; subtract (x + 6) from each side to result in 2x = - 16; divide each side by 2 to result in x = -8.

How do you write 36 out of 10 as mixed number?

36/10 = 3 6/10 Divide 36 by 10 and you get 3 with a remainder of 6. The 3 becomes the whole number and the 6 goes over the 10, so you get 3 6/10 .

What is the smallest number that 4 6 and 10 divide into exactly?


How do you divide 3?

You can divide 3 by any other number you like. Arithmetic is a very versatile tool. Let us say, for example, that you wish to divide 3 by 3. The result is 1. Or possibly you wish to divide 3 by 6. The result is a half.

when we subtract 5 from a number x, and divide the answer by 7 the result is 23 less than x. find x.?


If 4 is subtracted from twice a number. The result is 10 less than the number.?

The number is -6.

Is 510 divisible by 6 and 10?

Every number is divisible by any non-zero number. Furthermore, 6 and 10 divide 510 evenly.

How To Work Out Percentages?

To work out 10%, just divide it by 10. To work out 1%, just divide it by 100. To work out 16%, just A) Work out 10% (divide by 10), then work out 6% (divide by 100, times by 6) and add the two together B) Divide by 100, times the result by 16.This applies for all numbers. To work out 90%, just A) Work out 10% and take it away B) Divide by 100, times the result by 90 C) Work out 10%, times by 9.

How do you solve this word problemTake a number. Double the number. Subtract 6 from the result and divide the answer by 2. The quotient will be 20. What is the number?

Let the number be x and so if: (2x-6)/2 = 20 then x = 23

Why is the answer less when dividing fractions?

Assuming you mean "the result is less than the first number", this isn't always true: * The answer will indeed be LESS than the first number, if you divide by a number that is GREATER THAN one. * On the other hand, the answer will be GREATER than the first number, if you divide by a number that is LESS THAN one. For example, if you divide 6 by 2, you get 3, which is less than 6. On the other hand, if you divide 6 by 1/2, you get 12, which is more than 6.

How do you find 1 sixth of a number?

Divide it by 6. e.g. One sixth of twelve is two because: 12 divided by 6 is 2. You can also multiply the number by 1/6, which will give you the same result.

What is two-sixths of 18?

The idea is to multiply 18 by 2, then divide the result by 6. As an alternative, you can also divide 18 by 6 first, then multiply the result by 2.

Is 6 a factor 63?

In order for one number to be a factor of another number, it must divide evenly into that number. By dividing 6 into 63, the answer is 10 with 3 remaining. Since there is a remainder, 6 is not a factor of 63.

When you divide it by 5 the result is 6?


what is 60 divide 6?


I am a number Divide me by 6 Add 25 to the result You will get me What number am i?

Call the number n. From the problem statement, (n/6) + 25 = n. Multiplying both sides by 6 yields n + 150 = 6n, or 150 = 5 n or n = 30.

What number would you divide by to convert millimeters to kilometers?

One million 10^6

How do you calculate mean number?

The mean is the average of the numbers Add up all the numbers, then divide by how many numbers there are. Example What is the mean of these numbers? 6, 20, 10 1. Add the numbers 6 + 20+ 10 = 36 2. Then divide by how many numbers ( 3 numbers) ( 6 20 10 ) 3. 36 divide by 3 = 12 The mean is 12