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It depends. One case of beer contains 24 bottles/cans (330ml) or 12 bottles (1 liter). In any case, 23 bottles or 11 bottles would be left if one beer is taken out of the beer case, respectively.

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How many cans of beer are in a case of beer?

In the US, there are 24 cans in a case of beer. Half a case is 12 cans of beer (or a 12-pack), which is commonly sold.

How Many case of beer are in a keg?

288 oz in a case divided by 1984 equales 6.8888888889. So almost 7 cases! Drink up & enjoy! :)

How many liters is 1 case of beer?

17000 Liters of 1 case beer

Does William Beckett drink beer?

Yes he has many photos drinking beer

How many beer is in a flat?

Twenty-four beers in a flat of beer! Drink up!

What do french people drink for dinner?

Many drink wine, some drink beer, some drink water.

How many cans of beer in a case?

a case is 24 cans

How many ounces are there in a case of beer?


How many beers is equal to a 40 oz malt liquor?

depend on how many beer you drink. and you only can drink one malt liquor cause liquor work faster than beer

How many bottles in a case of corona beer?


How many cubic feet is a case of beer?


How many bottles in case of miller pony beer?

The pony beer came in eight packs; I don't remember seeing them in a typical "case."

What did peasants drink?

They peasants drank beer. they drunk it because the water was dirty and it had many disease. the beer clean out the system and a little of water was in the beer.

How many beer can drink when driving?

you already drank too much

How many mugs of beer does Germany drink every year?


Why is beer the national drink in Germany?

Historically, beer has been a very popular drink for centuries in many regions of Europe, especially in the more northerly parts. Incidentally, in parts of Germany, for example the Rhineland, wine is just as popular, so I'd hesitate to call beer the national drink of Germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Beer

Can drink beer increase fat for women?

Yes, beer does have calories. Intake of too many calories increases fat.

How many ounces of beer equal 5- ounce glass of wine?

Twelve ounces (a standard drink of beer).

Why do light beers give me a headache?

Because you drink to many of them. You are drinking low quality beer. Headaches are caused by fusel alcohols that should not be present in a quality beer. I would suggest that you not drink light beer. Switch to a high quality craft-brewed beer.

If you drink 5 bottles of beer in 30 minutes how many bottles do you drink in 24 hours?

60 240

If you drink one twelve oz beer how many sit ups is that?


How many Americans have liver disease?

alot cause they drink alot of beer

How many beer a day is too many?

A healthy average is two drinks for a male, and one drink for a female. One beer, 6 oz. of wine, and 1.5 oz of hard liquor equals one drink.

How many gallons of water does the average person drink in a lifetime?

None, it is all beer.

How many people drink beer in the whole world?

the best aweser woud be 100,747