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40 mph at that rate of travel.

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Q: If you drive 180 miles in 4.5 hours what would your average speed be?
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What is the average speed if you drive 6 hours and travel 375 miles?

The average speed is 62.5 miles per hour(mph)

How many hours does it take to drive 225 miles?

It depends on the speed that you can drive at. Time = Distance/Average speed

How many hours will it take you to drive 364 miles?

That depends what your average speed is.

If you drive 424 miles in 8 hours what will be your average speed?

53 mph

How long will it take to drive sixty three miles?

One hour if you drive at an average speed of 63 mph.Half an hour if you drive at an average speed of 126 mph.Two hours if you drive at an average speed of 31.5 mph.

How fast would you drive 227 miles in 4 hours?

The average speed would be 56.75 miles per hours.

How far can you drive in 6 hours?

Depends entirely on your average speed. If your average speed is 80mph then you can travel (80x6) 480 miles in 6 hours.

How long to drive 1050 miles?

The answer depends on the rate of speed. You can calculate drive time using the following formula: hours = miles / average speed hours = 1050 miles / 60 mph <--use whatever speed you like here hours = 17.5

It took 5.5 hours to drive 154 miles What was the average rate of speed?

154 miles / 5.5 hours = 28 miles / hour

What is the average speed if you drive 3 hours and travel 180 miles?

60 mph

How long to drive 106 miles?

That depends on the speed you drive, if your average speed for the whole journey is 30mph then it will take approx 3.5 hours, if your average speed is 50mph then it will take approx 2 hours 7 minutes.

How long does it take to drive 1772 miles if your average speed is 75mph?

23.62 hours if driving at a constant speed.

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