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The answer is in the "Miles per hour" (Mph) you drove. If you drove 40 Mph, then in one hour you would have driven 40 miles. Therefore, in five hours, at the constant speed of 40 Mph, you would have drive 200 miles.

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Q: If you drove 40 mph for 55 miles how long did you drive for 5 hours?
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How long will it take someone to drive 1118 miles if they drove 86 miles in 2 hours?

26 hours.

You drove 270 miles in 6 hours at a constant speed How long would it take you to drive 405 miles at the same speed?

9 hours

How long is 165 miles?

And Family drove 165 miles in three hours how long would it take them to drive 825 miles

How long would it take you to drive from Montgomery to Tallahassee if you drove 50 miles an hour?

about 4 hours

How long will it take soemone to drive 1118 miles if they drove 70 miles per hour?

15.97 Hours, Assuming no stops and no traffic.

Jordan drove from his home to his new college He drove 150 miles in 2.5 hours What was his average speed in miles per hour?

To get the answer, you would divide how many miles he drove by how long it took him to drive it. The information you need to set up your problem is 150 miles and 2.5 hours. 150 / 2.5 = 60 So Jordan drove an average of 60 miles per hour.

Judith drove h hours at a rate of 55 mph She did not reach her goal of driving 385 miles for the day How long did she drive?


How long to drive from Glasgow to the eurotunnel?

The distance is nearly 500 miles and it would take around 8 hours if you drove non-stop.

If Ashima drove the first 348 mile of her trip in 6 hours how long will it take her if she drives at the same rate to drive the remaining 145 miles?

She is driving at 58 miles per hour. It will take another 2 hours and 30 minutes to drive the 145 miles.

How long would it take to drive 110 miles?

An hour if you drove at 110mph...or 30 mins if you drove at 220mph :)

How long would it take to drive 1100 miles doing 75 miles per hours?

If you drove non-stop at a constant speed of 75 mph, it would take about 14 hours and 40 minutes.

Tovah drove 150 miles at the speed of 45 miles per hour How long will it take her to drive that distance?

Time = Distance/Speed So time = 150 miles / 45 miles per hour = 3.33.. hours = 3 hours 20 minutes.