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The probability is always 50/50 even if you flipped 100 or 1000000 coins.

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Q: If you flipped two coins what is the probability that the first coin is heads?
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What is the chance that that 2 flipped coins both come up heads?

The probability that 2 flipped coins both come up heads is 0.52 or 0.25

What is the probability of flipping 3 heads?

The answer depends on how many coins are flipped, and how often.

What is the probability if 8 coins are flipped exactly 2 coins will show heads?

2/8 or 1/4 or 25 %

What is the probability that three coins flipped at the same time will land all 3 heads up?

One in eight, or 12.5%.

What is the probabality of flipping three heads when flipping three coins one after another?

The probability of flipping three heads when flipping three coins is 1 in 8, or 0.125. It does not matter if the coins are flipped sequentially or simultaneously, because they are independent events.

What is the probability of tossing four coins and getting four heads if the first two tosses are heads?

The conditional probability is 1/4.

Suppose six coins are flipped then the probality of getting at least one tail?

The probability of getting at least one tail in a flip of six coins is the same as the probability of not getting all heads, which is 1 - (0.56), or 0.984375.

What is the probability of getting 2 heads when 2 coins are tossed?

The probability of tossing two heads in two coins is 0.25.

Two coins are tossed What is the probability of both coins are heads?

The probability that both coins are heads is the probability of one coin landing heads multiplied by the probability of the second coin landing heads: (.5) * (.5) = .25 or (1/2) * (1/2) = 1/4

What is the probability of a coin landing on heads twice when it is flipped 2 times?


What is the probability of heads commming up when a coin is flipped?

Fifty percent (50%)

If 5 coins are flipped what is the probability of obtaining at least one heads?

The correct answer is 31/32 or 0.96875 because .50/2/2/2/2= 3.125%

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