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5h * 8 km/h = 40 km

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Q: If you floated a raft down a river at 8 kilometers per hour how far would you have traveled after 5 hours?
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What is the rate of the river's current if a tug tows a barge 24 miles up a river at 10 miles per hour and returns down the river at 12 miles per hour The trip took 5 and a half hours?

Assuming the tug speed is relative to the river flow and is constant over each trip, and the river flows at the same constant rate during the trips, then: Let the flow rate down river be x mph Then the land speed when going upriver is 10 - x mph and the land speed when going down river is 12 + x mph This gives the total time for the journeys: time = distance/speed → 5½ hours = 24 miles/(10 - x)mph + 24 miles/(12 + x)mph → 11/2 = 24(12 + x + 10 - x)/(10 - x)(12 + x) → 11/2 = 24×22/(120 - 2x - x²) → 120 - 2x - x² = 24×22×2/11 → x² + 2x - 120 + 96 = 0 → x² + 2x - 24 = 0 → (x - 4)(x + 6) = 0 → x = 4 or -6 → The river is flowing at 4 mph down the river or 6 mph up the river. If the river is non-tidal, then the river is flowing at 4 mph down the river. (In river terms, up is towards the source of the river, down is towards the mouth of the river, and for a tidal river, eg the Thames between Richmond and its mouth, the current can be flowing up or down the river - the rate will not be constant, but for a period of time whilst the tide is flowing in one direction can be considered to be constant.)

What river divide US in half?

mississippi river

Mouth Part of a river?

The mouth part of a river is called a delta. It is the large silty area at the mouth of a river at which the river spills into different slow flowing channels.

In still water a boat can travel four times as fast as the current in the river A trip up the river and back which totaled 150 km took 8h Find the speed of the current?

Call the unknown speed of the current c and the speed of the boat in still water b. When travelling upstream, the net speed of the boat will be b - c and when travelling downstream the net speed of the boat will be b + c. Since b = 4c, the speed upstream will be 3c. The distance upstream is one-half the total travelling distance of 150 km or 75 kilometers. Distance travelled = speed X time at speed, so that upstream time = 75/3c, downstream time = 75/5c, and the sum of these is the total time stated to be 8 hours. Thus 75/3c + 75/5c = 8. Multiplying both sides by 15c yields 75(5 +3) = 120c, or c = (8 X 75)/120 = 5 kilometers per hour.

River found in the Old Testament?

River Nile and the Jordan.