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There are 100 pence in a pound. Multiply by 100

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Q: If you had 1 million pound in 1 pence coins how many 1 pence coins would you have?
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Would 1 million pound coins would fit in a telephone box?


I have two coins which add up to 15 pence and one of the coins is NOT a 10 pence piece What are the two coins?

one of the coins is not a 10 pence, so you would need 1 5 pence and one 10 pence.

How much space would 1 million 1 pound coins take up?

Assuming that 1 pound is 4cm 3 then 1 million would be 4 million cm 3. Pound coin is 3.15 mm thick so a tower of 1 million, would be 3150 metres tall.

How long is a million One Pound coins?

The British One Pound coin is 22.5mm in diameter and 3.15mm thick. If you lined one million One Pound coins up edge to edge in a straight line, the line would be 22.5 kilometres long. If you stacked one million One Pound coins up flat, one on top of the other, the stack would be 3.15 kilometres high.

How many 20p make up 3 pound?

The English Pound is comprised of one hundred pence. Therefore ten pence would require ten pennies and to reach one pound you would need ten 'ten-pence' coins. Accordingly, to achieve one pound or £1 Sterling in twenty pence coins you would need five coins. Finally, 15 twenty pence coins would equal £3 or Three pounds. Britain's coins are comprised 1p (penny) 2p (tuppence), 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p then £1 (one Pound) and £2 (two pound coins) We do not have £1 notes or 'bills' as Americans call them. However, in Scotland they are still in circulation. Scottish currency is interchangeable between England and Scotland...however occasionally some individuals can, for whatever reason, be reluctant to accept them. Our notes comprise of: £5, £10, £20, and £50. There are no larger notes. This is for an important reason; specifically to help control and monitor money laundering.

How long is 5000000 1 pound coins?

They are many countries whose major currency unit is a pound, and it is not clear which one you mean. 5 million UK pound coins, laid end-to-end would be 112.5 km.

From 1 pound after spending 19 pence and 17 pence how much change do you have left?

You would have spent 36 pence, which would leave you with 64 pence change.

How many ten pence pieces are there in two pounds and forty pence?

There would be 24 Ten Pence coins in £2.40.

If you had two coins totaling 11 pence?

You would have a 1 Penny and a 10 Pence coin.

Will 1 million pound coins fit in a telephone box?

It would depend on the size of the telephone box, but probably not.

What is the type of currency based on ten?

That would be decimal currency, some currency such as the US dollar has always been decimal. However, other countries such as the UK (and most of the empire) was not always based on the decimal system. Until February in 1971, the UK used the Pound, Shilling and Pence (LSD) system. There were 12 pence to the shilling, and 20 pence to the pound, or 240 pence to the pound. Because of this, some coins that seem odd to the decimal mind made since back then, a sixpence was half a shilling, a threepence a quarter of a shilling, etc. When the UK went decimal, their coinage changed to 100 pence to the pound (with the pound being unchanged) this meant that a shilling was revalued at 5p and coins with more familiar denominations began circulating (5p, 20p, 50p, etc.)

What is one sixteenth of a pound in currency?

It would be 100/16 pence = 6.25 pence. However, since there is no 0.25 pence, it would probably be rounded down to 0.6 pence.

If five million one pound coins are laid edge to edge along the M1 starting from leeds and south how far will they reach?

5 Million One Pound coins placed edge to edge would stretch for 112.5 kilometres. Travelling via the M1, that would put you somewhere in the vicinity of Nottingham.

What fraction of 1 pound is 65 pence?

There are 100 Pence in a Pound, so 65 Pence would be 65% of One Pound. Your ancestors are taught only fractions, not decimals until a few years before decimalisation in 1971. Your ancestors learn that there are twenty shillings make one pound. Then, twelve pence make one shilling. That pre-decimal subdivision persisted until 15th Feb., 1971. Then, the pound is much simpler with one hundred new pence make one pound. So, 65 pence is 13 shillings before 1971. 65 pence is 13/20 of pound.

What is the value of a 1997 British new pence coin?

The term "New Pence" ceased to be used on British coins in 1981. The word "Pence" should have a numeral with it to indicate how many Pence. Pence being the plural of Penny. In 1997 there would have been 50 Pence, 20 Pence, 10 Pence, 5 Pence and 2 Pence coins and a 1 Penny coin.

How many 19p stamps can you buy with one pound?

You would change 1 pound to pence, so you would have 100 pence. Divide 100 by 19 to get the answer. In this case it would be 20 stamps with 5p left over.

How many 10 Pence coins measure 1 meter?

The current British 10 Pence coin measures 24.5 mm in diameter, so you would need 41 10 Pence coins to make just over a metre.

What is the value of 7 kilos of two pence pieces?

The British 2 Pence coin weighs 7.12 grams. 7 Kilograms would equal about 983 Two Pence coins. 983 x 2 Pence coins comes to about £19.66

What fraction of 1 pound is 5 pence?

That would be 1/20 - 5 goes into 100, 20 times. Before 1971, the pound is divided into twenty shilling and then a shilling is further subdivided into twelve pence. So, five pence is one shilling before 1971. Now, the pound is much simpler with 100 pence since 1971.

How much is 27 shillings and 10 thupence?

Assuming you're referring to pre-decimal British coins, there were 20 shillings to the pound. That means each equates to 5 pence so 27s = £1.35 "Thrupence" was one of the many regional pronunciations for "Threepence". There were 2-penny coins popularly called "tuppence" and 3-penny coins nicknamed "thruppence". A pound was 240 old pence so depending on which coin you're describing, twenty of them would be worth either : > 2d: 40/240 of a pound, or about £0.17 > 3d: 60/250 of a pound, or £0.25

How many ten pence coins are in three pounds?

Three Pounds consists of 300 Pence, therefore there would be 30 x 10 Pence in Three Pounds.

How many Pence in one trillion Pound Sterling?

There would be 100 Trillion Pence in One Trillion Pounds Sterling.

How much is 100 pence in today's money?

There are 100 British Pence in One British Pound. If you refer to predecimal British currency, 100 old pence would equal 8 Shillings and 4 Pence.

How much does one pound in one pence weigh?

A current 1p coin weighs 3.56 g £1 = 100p → a pound of penny coins weighs 3.56 g x 100 = 356 g

How much is a New Pence coin worth?

The phrase "New Pence" was used only on British coins issued from 1968 to 1981, following the switch from shillings and florins to decimal pounds. It was used to differentiate the new coins from old ones that were also sometimes denominated in pence but used the old meaning of the term, 1/240 of a pound versus the new 1/100 measure. As such, just about any coin you have with that phrase on it would be (a) relatively recent and (b) not very scarce. The New Half Penny coins were withdrawn from circulation and demonetised in December 1984. The 5 New Pence coins were withdrawn from circulation and demonetised in 1991. The 10 New Pence coins were withdrawn from circulation and demonetised in 1993. The 50 New Pence coins were withdrawn from circulation and demonetised in 1998. Unless a "New Pence" coin is part of a Proof or Uncirculated mint set or are individual Proof or Uncirculated coins and in absolute mint condition, they have little or no value.