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They would each get two thirds of a piece.

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Q: If you had 2 pieces of licorice to share equally among 3 people how much licorice would each person get?
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How many pieces of 48 inch licorice can 8 people get?


How do you divide 8apples among 6 people equally?

You divide each apple into 3 equal pieces. You will then have 8 x 3 = 24 equal pieces. 24 pieces divided by 6 people = 4 pieces per person

Share 2 apples among three people equally?

only if you can cut each of the apple in 3 or 6 pieces if you cut in 3 pieces each, each person would have 2 pieces of apple if you cut in 6 pieces each, each person would have 4 pieces of apple

Does 14 apple pieces can not be divided equally except by giving one piece to each person?


The length of a piece of licorice?

This answer vary by type of licorice you are measuring. The standard licorice is the Ref Vines Black Licorice Twists and it measures 6. 1/2 inches (165 1 mm) long. Ropes licorice and bite-size licorice pieces are of different lengths and are not measured or recorded here.

How many calories in red licorice?

Usally the average red licorice has - 200 calories (25mg sodium, 29g Sugar, 2g protein). Actually the calorie count depends on the licorice product. The original red vines have 200 calories in 9 pieces . The jumbo red vine has 140 calories in 4 pieces

How do you split 48 ounce of popcorn and three 48 inch of licorice laces?

On a date to the movies it's best to let the girl have as much as she wants and eat what is left over. But seriously if you want to split the popcorn and licorice evenly, 48 ounce of popcorn will split evenly into containers of 24 ounce each. The licorice is a little trickier, try breaking the third piece in half at 24 inches, then each person will have a total of 72 inches of licorice laces or 1.1/2 pieces of licorice.

How do you share five pieces of 1 apple equally among three people?

you cut them in five peices

What is Australian licorice?

Australian licorice is a soft licorice that is sold in foil-lined bags to keep the them soft and moist. They are short pieces, being only about 1.1/2 to 2 inches (38 to 50 mm) long round tubes that are solid and not hollow like American type Licorice Twist.

When was red licorice invented?

In the 1950s American Licorice Co. expanded beyond traditional black licorice and began producing Raspberry Vines. Unlike black licorice, which uses extract from the Glycyrrihiza glabra bush root for its flavoring, red licorice has a fruitier taste. The public called it red licorice because of its similarities in format and texture to the original black. Later Raspberry Vines were renamed Red Vines® and the packaging was updated with the addition of a tray in 1958. Though sales were slow with red candy in the beginning, eventually red candy became a much bigger seller than black. In 1963 American Licorice produced unwrapped Red Ropes and Licorice Ropes, the longest pieces of licorice to hit the market. The pieces that were formally cut up to make the Lic-Ris-Ets became the rope candy. Later that decade, American Licorice began wrapping the ropes individually, thus creating the Super Ropes® brand.

How do you divide five pies equally among eight people?

Cut each pie into eight pieces (cut in half, turn 1/4 turn, cut in half again, turn 1/8th turn, cut in half, turn 1/4 turn, and cut in half). Then, give each person five pieces.

Five rabbits share 4 carrots equally?

For five (5) rabbits to share four (4) carrots equally you must divide each carrot into 10 pieces. 4 carrots times 10 cuts is 40 pieces. 40 pieces divided by 5 rabbits is 8 pieces per rabbit.

How many pieces of fried chicken for 100 people?

It depends on what you have with it, if it is the main course I would have 2- three pieces per person of mixed chicken parts. If it is served as a side with many things. that would also be considered a main like rigatoni or cabbage rolls or such like at a wedding reception then I would have one piece per person and 50 extra pieces. General rule of thumb is about 3 people per lb of meat. But a person is likely to take two wings or leg and thigh some people will take only one breast since it is larger and there is other foods available. So as a main for 100 people I would have in pieces about 250 pieces as a side 150 pieces.

How much bacon for 150 people?

The average person eats about 3 to 5 pieces so multiply 3 and 150 eguals 450 pieces so around 500 pieces

Which number of apple pieces can not be divided equally except by giving one piece to each person?

Any prime number: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, etc.

What does microorganisms do to get food?

They multiply by splitting into several thousand equally sized pieces, then get in a Van and pop to asda.

What number of students can equally share 36 pieces of candy?

There is multiple answers! It depends on how many students there are.

How many pieces of fried chicken for 75 people?

You should have at least two per person or 150.

What does a dancer do in dance?

a dance is the people or person how do the show/ routine also they dance to different pieces of music.

How many whole chickens needed to serve 100 people?

You will need an estimated 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 pounds for each person for 100 people. You can cut the chicken into pieces after cooking.

Brian made 3 pizzas and cut them into eighths How many people can he serve if each person eats 4 pieces?

Brian can serve 6 people.

Could 100 be distributed equally into 6?

Not without cutting up a few of the 100 into 3 equal pieces each.

If 5 people split 9 dollars how much money would each person get?

9x5=45 pieces of candy

How many pieces of pizza does a normal person have in a year?

i think a normal person has at least 100 pieces of pizza a year.

How much does 1 person in the UK get a week?

Well... people in th UK don't eat as much as the people in the US. In WW1 people were rationed to 3 pieces of sweetcorn a day