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the cylinder

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Q: If you had a cylinder a cone and a sphere with a radius of 20 feet and a height of 40 feet which would hold the most water?
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A sphere of radius 2 cm is dropped in to a cylinder of radius 4 cm which cotain of water the rise in the level of water is?

0.6 cm

What does the water level in a cylinder rise by when a sphere is submerged in it when I know the radius of the sphere and the radius of the cylinder?

Fist you've got to find the volume of the sphere, if the radius was 4cm then it would be...4/3*pi*r3=268cm V of cylinder= pi*r2*l (the radius for example is 8cm) 268=pi*64*l L=268/64pi =1.3cm

What is the volume of water in a cylinder with a radius of 2 meters and a height of 5 meters if the level of water is 1 meter?

volume = area * height = Pi * Radius^2 * height = Pi * 4 *1 = 12.6m^3 of water = 12600 L

If A spherical ball is immersed in water contained in a vertical cylinder how do you Calculate the rise in the level of the water?

If the sphere has radius r and the cylinder has radius d then the rise in water level will be 4/3(pi r3) / (pi d2) which simplifies to (4 r3) / (3 d2).

How much water will a 30 by 20 cylinder hold?

In order to find the volume of the cylinder more information is required as to the actual dimensions of the cylinder. Volume is calculated by knowing the radius and height of the cylinder.

What is the volume of water in a hemisphere with given radius of hemisphere and height of water?

Can not be done without the 'Given' radius and height.

What is the pressure of 1000 gals of water in a cylinder with a radius of 2.5 feet and 9 feet in height?

Zero. The reason: 1,000 gallons of water will not fit in that space.

If a right circular cylinder with radius 7 Cm contains 1077 cm cubed of water a rock is measured in the water and the level rises 3 cm what is the volume of the rock?

First obtain the height of the cylinder. Height = 1077/area of the base (i.e H = 1077 divided by pie-radius-squared) Next get how much water does 1cm of height contain. Take 1077/height. Therefore, volume of rock = 1cm height's volume x 3

How do you calculate the volume of a round bathtub?

A round bath is a cylinder. The volume of a cylinder = area of the base x perpendicular height. Area of the base is πr2 (pi x radius x radius). The radius is half the diameter. The diameter is the width of the circular base. The perpendicular height will be the depth of the water, whether it's up to the top or up to where you have a bath.

How do you measure the amount of water in a cylinder?

Area of the Base times the Height of the cylinder. The Area of the Base is the Area of the Circle. Pi time the radius squared. We end up with Pi*r*r*h

How do you figure out the volume of an cylinder fish tank?

The formula for the volume of a cylinder is V = πr2h which is pi * radius (squared) * height. To figure out the volume, simply measure the width and height of the cylinder and divide the width by 2 (this is your radius). Then plug in these values using 3.14 for pi. This will give you the volume. Another more tedious way to do this is by filling up the fish tank and measuring the water as you do.

Find the volume of a cylindrical water tank that has a radius of 7.5 feet and a height of 30 feet?

Volume of a cylinder = pi*radius2*height Volume = 5301.437603 or 5301.438 cubic inches to 3 d.p.

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