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How about this plan: We'll explain how to solve the problem,

and then you go ahead and get the answer on your own.

The pipe is a cylinder.

The volume of the cylinder is: (pi) times (radius of the pipe)2 x (length of the pipe)

(Remember that the radius is 1/2 of the diameter.)

With that formula, you can find the volume of any length of pipe. You know the

diameter in inches, so the volume will be in cubic inches.

One gallon is exactly 231 cubic inches. Find what the length of the pipe has to be

in order to have a volume of 231 cubic inches.

Go to it ! You can do it !

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Q: If you had a pipe of 2.78 inches in diameter how many inches long would the pipe have to be to hold one gallon of water. I need to to know how the equation would go about in addition to the answer.?
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