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12 bottles of water each hold a capacity of 750ml. how many liters of water can the bottles hold?

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Q: If you have 12 bottles of water Each bottle has a capacity of 750ml How many liters of water can the bottles hold?
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How many 750ml wine bottles equal 2 liters?

It would take 2.5 750ml bottles to make 2 liters. 750ml = 0.75L.

Where can you get a 750ml bottle of 33op bundaberg rum?

i have 2 bottles of33op 750ml red top

How manyh Liters in 750ml bottle of wine?


How many bottles needed to bottle 6 gallons of wine?

30 Standard 750ml Bottles.

How many bottles of wine in 4 liters?

5 and 1/3rd bottles of normal sized 750ml bottles of wine. So 1 liter is 1000ml you have 4000ml/750ml=5.33 bottles of wine.

750ml of wine equals how many bottles?

One standard bottle.

How many bottle of wine in a magnum?

Two 750ml bottles of wine equal one magnum of wine. One magnum of wine is 1.5 liters, or 1500ml.

How many liters in a 750ml bottle?

0.75 litres (/1000)

What size bottle does wine come in Other then 750?

750ml is the most common size for wine bottles, but some wines are also available in 1.5 liters. Other wines come in smaller bottles for sampling.

What is 750ml bottle equals to in litters?

750 Ml = 0.750 Liters

Are two 750ml bottles a 1.5 liter bottle?

Yes, since 1000mL = 1L

How many 750ml bottles are there in a 1.5ltr?

This struck me as funny. The quick answer: 2 The longer explanation: 750ml is 750 milli-liters. 1,000ml = 1 liter. So since 750ml plus 750ml would equal 1,500ml , that would also be 1.5 liters. Hope that helps.

How many 750ml wine bottles equal 9 liters?

Twelve. 750ml X 12 = 9000ml (1L = 1000ml)

How many standard bottles of wine make up a magnum?

A standard bottle of wine is 750ml. A magnum is equivalent to two standard bottles.

How many bottles of 750ML wine equals 3 liters for traveling?

1 liter = 1,000 ml. Do the math.

How much wine can you take to France from US?

You can take up to 2 liters. If you're taking it in 750ml bottles, that's no more than 2 bottles.

How many 7.5 ml bottles of wine equal 2 liters?

It takes 2 2/3 750ml bottles of wine to equal a 2 liter.

How many 750ml bottles of wine are in 4L?

five bottles. You'll also have at least 250ml left over to fill from a sixth bottle, and given that a 750ml wine bottle won't be completely full, you can estimate that actually about half (375ml) the sixth bottle can be poured into the 4l vat or container, given an average of 725ml in a 750m bottle (allowing for corks and margins of error.

How many liters in a soft drink bottle?

Depends on where you are from.355ml750ml1 liter1.5 liter and 2 liter bottles are sold in various countries.

How many liters in 750ml case of whiskey?


What does 750ml plus 750ml equal in liters?


What is a fifth of vodka?

A fifth is a bottle around the same size as a standard 750ml bottle. "Fifth" is an old term that meant five bottles added up to a gallon. Thus one bottle was "a fifth".

How many ounces in a 750ml wine bottle?

There are 25.3605 US ounces in a 750ml wine bottle, the typical size of a wine bottle.

How many bottles of wine for 40 people?

You get 4 six ounce glass to one 750ml bottle. If you wanted everyone to have one glass of wine you would need 10 bottles.

How many bottles needed to bottle 15 gallons of wine?

With 15 gal of wine you will be able to fill 75 bottles (750ml) Cheers:)

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