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There's no specific answer, except to say that the number of nickels must be even (otherwise the total would end in 5 rather than 0). You could have combinations like

  • 50 nickels and no dimes
  • 40 nickels and 10 dimes
  • 25 dimes and no nickels
  • 22 dimes and 6 nickels
and so on. Each one, and many other possibilities, all add up to $2.50
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Q: If you have 2.50 in cash how many nickels and dimes are there?
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In a jar of coins the ratio of nickels to dimes is 57. If the jar contains 350 dimes how many nickels are there?

There are 250.

How many nickels would equal 250 grams?

Each nickel weighs 5g, so there are 250 g ÷ 5 g/nickel = 50 nickels.

How many rolls of dimes in a standard Fed box of rolled coin?

50 rolls of 50 dimes, 2,500 dimes total, face value of $250.

How many dimes in a box of dimes?

Armored car services deliver boxes of dimes worth $250. That's fifty $5.00 rolls.

How many nickels could you trade for 250 yen?


How many dollars is 500 nickels?

500 nickels x (1 dollar/20 nickels) = 25 dollars

2 dollars and 10 nickels equals how many quarters?

A quarter is 25 cents. Two dollars is 200 cents and 10 nickels is 50 cents, for a total of 250 cents. That's the same as 250/25 = 10 quarters.

What are buffalo nickels made from?

All Buffalo nickels are made from .750 copper & .250 nickel.

What were nickels made out of in 1940 and 1941?

NICKELS dated 1940 & 1941 arre made from .750 copper and .250 nickel.

How many is 10 quarters and 7 dimes equal?

10 quarters = 250 cents (25 x 10) 7 dimes = 70 cents (7 x 10) 250 + 70 = 320 10 quarters and 7 dimes equal 320 cents. In other words, $3.20 or 3 dollars and twenty cents.

What common household item may weighs 250 grams?

45 nickels

What is the nickel today is made out of?

NICKELS are made of an alloy of .750 copper and .250 nickel.

What is the nickel 5 cents coin made of?

Nickels are .750 copper & .250 nickel

What are dimes made of now?

Starting in 1965 US dimes are made of a Copper-Nickel alloy (.750 copper & .250 nickel) bonded to a core of pure copper.

How many nickels are in 2.50?

Fifty Each nickel is 5 cents or $ 0.05 Divide the 2.50 by .05 which is 250/5 = 50

What are US nickels made of before 1968?

For US 5 cent coins,except for the War Nickels dated 1942-1945 that have 35% silver in them, all nickels from 1866 to 2010 are made from a copper nickel alloy of .750 copper and .250 nickel

John has a total of 13 coins in his pocket Of the 13 coins they are all either quarters or dimes The total value of the coins is 250 How many dimes does John have in his pocket?

If all coins were dimes he would have $1.30. Every quarter that replaces a dime increases the total by 15c. The total has to be increased by $1.20 which is 15c x 8. He has 8 quarters and 5 dimes.

What year were nickels made of the highest percent of nickel?

The amount of 'nickel' in a nickel has not changed, it's still .250.

How much is 5000 nickels?

5000 nickels is equal to $250

What were US nickels made of in 1964?

The same thing as now .750 copper & .250 nickel Regardless of popular misunderstandings, only silver coins were changed after 1964. Pennies and nickels (except for "war nickels") don't have silver so their composition stayed the same.

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An imprest account is one that always has the same balance; an exact amount of cash in deposited into the account for a known specific future purpose (such as an upcoming payroll), and the same amount leaves the account when the funds for that purpose are expended. The best example is Petty Cash. To start a Petty Cash fund, a firm initially writes and cashes a check for $250 (Dr. Petty Cash, Cr. Operating Account Cash), and puts the $250 cash in the office Petty Cash box. When a small purchase is made by an employee for the office (for stamps, etc), the employee is reimbursed from the Petty Cash box, and puts her receipt for the amount she was reimbursed in the Petty Cash box. The total in the box, between cash and receipts, is always $250. When the amount of petty cash left on hand in the office gets low and the Petty Cash funds must be replenished, the company writes and cashes a check for an amount equal to the total of all the receipts in the box, debiting the appropriate expense accounts and crediting Operating Account Cash. Cash in the amount of the check goes into the Petty Cash box, to bring the total Petty Cash back up to $250. No entry is made to the Petty Cash account since its balance should always be the original amount funded (in this example, $250).

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