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Zero. 248 is divisible by 8.

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Q: If you have 248 pages in a book and it has to have the factor of 8 what is the remainder of pages left?
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How many pages does The Left Hand of God - book - have?

The Left Hand of God - book - has 416 pages.

A book has 729 pages and you have read 343 pages how many pages are left to read?

729 - 343 = 386Therefore, there would be 386 pages left.

Is the first page of a book on the left or the right?

The odd numbered pages are typically on the right side of the book when you open it; the even numbered pages will be on the left.

If ther is 236 pages in a book and you are up to page 122 how many pages will be left?


Do books have even-number pages on the right or left side?

they all do. the first 'reading' page of the book is on the right and numbered 1

Jasper is reading a 98 page book he has read 29 pages how many pages does Jasper have left to read?

Help bro-

Sophia finished 2 3 of a book she calculated that she finished 90 more pages than she has yet to read How long is her book?

If Sophia finished 2/3 of the book and has 90 more pages left to read than she has already read, then the total number of pages in the book is 3/3 or the whole book. 2/3 of the book equals the number of pages she has read, so 1/3 of the book equals 90 pages. Therefore, the total length of her book is 3 * 90 = 270 pages.

How do you spell leaft?

If you walked out, you left. If you've turned pages in a book, you leafed through it.

Do books have even-numbered pages on the right or left side?

Even-numbered pages are on the left side of the book since page one always starts at the right side of the page.

What are the right hand pages of a book called?

They are called the 'Recto' of the book and so the 'Verso' would be left handed page

If you have read 12 of your 180 page book How many pages do you have left to read How do you solve this?

You have 168 pages left to read. You solve this by taking 12 away from 180. (180-12 = 168)

Is there any book with even recto page?

A book in a language that reads from right to left, such as Arabic or Hebrew, will have its even-numbered pages on the right.