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F1 fills one-eighth per minute, F1 & F2 together fill one-fifth per minute, so F2 is responsible for one-fifth less one-eighth ie three-fortieths per minute so F2 alone would take 40/3 ie 13 min 20 sec.

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Q: If you have 2 faucets and 1 pond and the 1st faucet fills the pond in 8 minutes by its self and both faucets fill the pond in 5 minutes how many minutes will it take the 2nd faucet to fill the pond?
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How long will it take a tank to be be filled by one pipe in 9 minutes and drained by another pipe in 12 minutes?

We're guessing that the question is trying to ask:If one pipe can fill the tank in 9 minutes, and another pipecan empty the tank in 12 minutes, how long does it take thetank to fill if both pipes are open ?So that's the question we'll go ahead and answer.The first pipe fills 1/9th of the tank every minute.The second pipe empties 1/12th of the tank every minute.When they're both open, (1/9 - 1/12) of the tank fills every minute.(1/9) - (1/12) = (4/36) - (3/36) = 1/36Since 1/36th of the tank fills every minute, it takes 36 minutes to fill.

How many minutes from 530 t0 600?

30 minutes, IF (both are AM OR both are PM) AND (both are on the same day).

A winery has a vat with two valves The inlet valve can fill the cat in 6 hours The outlet can empyty it in 10 hours How long with it take to fill the vat if both valves are left open?

The inlet valve fills 1/6th of the vat in an hour.The outlet valve drains 1/10th of the vat in an hour.When they are both open, (1/6th - 1/10th) of the vat fills in an hour.(1/6 - 1/10) = (5/30 - 3/30) = 2/30 = 1/15th fills in one hour.So with both valves open, it takes 15 hours to fill the vat.

A pool can be filled by one pipe in 7 hours and by a second pipe in 2 hours How long will it take using both pipes to fill the pool?

In one hour first pipe fills 1/7th of pool, other pipe fills one-half, so together in one hour they fill 1/7 + 1/2 ie 9/14 so would take 14/9 hours (93 and a third minutes) to fill the pool. ie 1 hr 33 min 20 sec

What is 45 minutes divided into 60 minutes?


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If the hot water tank is not connected why is water coming out of all the faucets on the hot side?

There is a hot/cold cross connection at one or more of the faucets at you house. make sure all faucets are shut off both hot and cold. If it still occurs more than likely you have a Moen faucet somewhere (most likely).

How or in which direction should water faucets turn?

Generally both handles turn towards the center. On some, both turn counter clockwise to open. A single faucet will usually turn counter clockwise to open.

How do you turn off the water to the outdoor faucet if the know turns and turns but does not get tight?

If it just turns and does not shut off the threads are striped on the end of the stem the handle is on. There is enough variance in faucets both in style and age that finding a new stem is unlikely. Time for a new faucet.

What is the best brand of bathroom faucets?

When buying bathroom faucets, one is faced with a multitude of styles and brands. Personal taste will be the deciding factor in which type of faucet you buy. To help narrow it down a bit, look at Kohler and Delta faucets. Both of these brands are well known and very reliable. Kohler offers some great styles with good functionality. If you like simplicity, Delta has a wonderfull selection.

Where can I get an oil rubbed bronze bathroom faucet?

Oil rubbed bronze bathroom faucets can be purchased from many retailers, both online and in-store. Some brick and mortar stores where they can be purchased are Lowe's and Home Depot. Online they can be purchased from Amazon or Overstock.

Is it advisable to do plumbing repair over replacement?

It would be much cheaper to just replace the faucet. Those faucets usually result in reduced resale value of a home anyway, so replacing with a more aesthetically-pleasing version will help you both ways.

If one bath tap fills a bath in 9 minutes and the other in 4 and the bath empties in 5 minutes if both taps are on and the plug is out how long will it take for the bath to overflow?

it wouldn't overflow

What causes both the hot and the cold faucets to make noise when turned on?

Usually air in the lines or possibly worn washers in the faucets.

Hot water faucet leak?

It sounds as if you have a leak in the 'stem seal' in the faucet. This often a rubber 'o' ring around the actual shaft holding the main seal. You must switch off somewhere before this ( possibly under counter) then take apart the faucet and replace both seals.

How do you fix low water pressure due to calcium build up?

If you notice reduced pressure in one of your faucets and not other faucets, and notice that the flow is reduced in both the hot and cold sides of the same faucets then it is probably your aerator. If it is only on one side of your faucet (hot or cold side) then it is probably a mineral buildup in the valve of the faucet (you can clean that side or replace the valves components.) You can also try to loosen the mineral deposits by... first removing the aerator then turn off the supply line valve ( the valve under the sink, several times) to try and dislodge the mineral deposit; if you leave the drain stopper closed and place a dark colored wash rage in the sink, you may notice the deposits flowing through the faucet. While you have the aerator removed clean that or replace it, they are cheap.) If all this fails then you will probably have to replace the valve under the sink.

Do Moen or Kohler make low flow faucets for the bathroom or do they just have showerheads and kitchen faucets that are low flow?

Moen and Kohler both make low flow faucets for the bathroom. They provide them in several styles each.

Can hot water bleed into the cold water line through a sing handle shower body?

Yes, it can also cross through a two handled faucet. Both the hot and cold sides of the faucet must be on and the flow of water must be stopped or greatly reduced on the outlet side of the faucet. This can occur when a hose with a spray nozzle is attached to a laundry tub faucet with the faucet on and the spray nozzle off, or when a shower faucet is on but the shower spray head is off. When another cold water outlet in the system is turned on then the pressure on the cold side of the laundry tub or shower faucet in question could be lowered below the pressure on the hot side and hot water can flow into the cold water side. There are faucets which have integral check valves which prevent this from occurring. WWW.WOODBRIDGEPLUMBING.COM