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What do you mean by "largest" ???

Do you want the widest rectangle ?

The longest rectangle ?

How about the rectangle with the most area ?

The length can be anything less than 20 ft, and the width can be anything less than 20 ft.

Any of those shapes will have an area greater than zero.

The rectangular garden with the greatest possible area is a square, 10 ft x 10 ft.

Its area is 100 square feet.

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Q: If you have 40 feet of fencing to put around a garden what are the dimensions of the largest rectangular garden he can enclose?
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The largest rectangular fencing you can make with 56ft of fencing?

A square 14 ft on a side.

If you have 40 feet of fencing to put around a garden what are the dimensions of the largest rectangular garden you can enclose?

10' X 10' = 100 sqft. The more you deviate from a square, the smaller the area will be. If you change the sides by 1 foot, you are left with 9 X 11 which is only 99 sqft. If you make the rectangle long and narrow, 19 X 1 is only 19 sqft.

What is the largest possible length of the side from a rectangular piece of wood with dimensions 150 cm by 280 cm?


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The largest and heaviest Fencing weapon is the Epee

If you have sixty yards of fencing to build a dog pen in your backyard for your new puppy Oscar What would the dimensions be of the largest fenced in area possible?

15 yd by 15 yd square (educated guess???)

Who is the largest fencing company in great Britain?

leon paul is the largest in Britain situated in London

If you have 100 meters of fencing what is the area of the largest pen you can make?

The largest pen you can make is a circle with a circumference of 100 meters.Its diameter is 31.83 meters, and its area = 795.77 square meters.It's a lot easier to just go with a square ... the largest area you can make with straight sides.Use the 100 meters of fence to enclose a (25 x 25) square. The area is 625 square meters.

How big is the largest football pitch?

Camp Nou (Barcelona F.C) see its dimensions at wikipedia (it's the largest legal dimensions)

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What rectangular prism do you think is goin to have the largest volume?

A cube.

What is the largest rectangular area one can enclose with 22 inches of string?

A square of side 5½ inches gives an area of 30.25 in2. This is maximum area. Rectangle 6 x 5 has area 30, 7 x 4 has area 28 etc etc.

What is the largest fencing you can make with 56ft of fencing?

A circle, radius 56/2 pi = 28/pi = 8 feet 11 inches which would have an area of 249¾ squinches

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