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Add the numbers. 132 + 140 + 145 + 128 = 545 Then divide by the number of players 545 / 4 = 136.25

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Q: If you have 4 people and they went bowling what is the average score between 132 140 145 and 128?
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What is an average bowling score?

About 100

Why is 160 an impressive bowling score?

It's relative to the player and their bowling average.

What is the average American bowling score?


What is an average score for a women bowler?

Open bowling 120, league bowling 140.

What is the dudes average score at bowling?

The bowler's average was never disclosed.

Should the base score in bowling be increased if a bowler's average increases to above the base score?


Given that Evelina's bowling scores were 133 155 176 and 132 find her average score The rule for calculating the average of a set of scores is Average Score equals Sum of ScoresNumber of Score?


What is average bowling score for 89 year old man?

With the advent of better, lighter bowling balls, there isn't a set average. A lot depends on the ability of the bowler and skills of the bowler.

Average IQ for a 11 yr old girl?

The answer for any average IQ score would be 100 based on the statistics of the way the tests are developed. 68% of people will score between 85-115. 95% of people will score between 70-130.

What is the average credit score by age group?

The average credit score is charted showing the relationship between age and the average credit scores. Younger people have lower credit scores than older people.

What is the average sit and reach score?

The average sit-and-reach score for people between the ages of 26 and 35 is 19 inches. For those who are between the ages of 36 and 45, the average is 17 to 18 inches. For people 46-55, the average is 16 to 17 inches, and for people age 56+, the average is 15 to 16 inches.

What is the average high school bowling score?

There isn't an established average. It can vary depending on the existing skill levels of the players.

What is the maximum score of bowling?

In standard tenpin bowling, a 300 is a perfect score.

In bowling does the highest score win or the lowest?

lowest score wins bowling

What is the average bowling score of a seventeen years old?

There is no real way to know the average score because every ones average will be different. I am 17 and i average around a 140 but i have just started bowling again about a week ago. i used to bowl when i was younger and had a higher score. How much the ball weighs, how serious you are, how often you do it. Are you consistent about the ball, where you stand, and how you release the ball. All these factors change for each bowler, so there is no real average.

Given that Evelina's bowling scores were 133 155 176 and 132 find her average score The rule for calculating the average of a set of scores is Average Score equals Sum of Scores Number of Scores?


Perfect score in bowling?

the perfect score in bowling is 300 which is all strikesThis guy named John Bates is 84 and got a perfect score on Wii bowling 2,850 times!what is I do to reach perfect score in bowling? If I practice practice practice very hard and carefully for my bowling game then I might reach perfect score in bowling game.

What is a average credit score?

An average score is between 640-679.

Tombill susan and sandy went bowling tom score was 132 bill score was 140 susans scored 145 and sandy score was 128 what was the average score of all four bowlers?


What is a perfect score in bowling?

it depents what type of bowling you are doing in Canadian there is 5 pin bowling which the high score in that is 450 but in 10 pin bowling the high is 300

If Tom Bill Susan and Sandy went bowling Toms score was 132 Bill score was 140 Susan Score 145 and sandy score was 128 what was the average score of all four bowlers?

Add all 4 scores together. Then divide by 4 (the number of bowlers) the number will be their average score.

What is the worst bowling score recorded?

100 is the worst televised bowling score ever recorded.

What is a perfect score in 5 pin bowling?

The score of a perfect pin bowling game is 450.

Can you tie in a bowling game?

Yes! Absolutely, two people get the same score.

What is the average not perfect score in a bowling game?

There hasn't been any statistics tracked to determine a specific score that is bowled on average. Due to the variations of skill levels, it would be very hard to determine.