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It is 70%

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Q: If you have 50 questions on a test and you get 35 questions right - what percent did you get?
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What is the percent of 3 wrong questions out of 35?

91.42% right.

If you have 35 questions on a test and you get 33 questions right- what percent did you get?

33 ÷ 35 = .94 (rounded off) To change a decimal to percentage, move decimal point 2 steps to the right. So .94 = 94 %

On a biology test a student got 25 questions correct but did not pass On a second attempt the student got 35 questions correct What was the percent of increase?

The percent that 35 is increased from 25 is (35 - 25) / 25 * 100, or 40 percent.

Jonathan answered 28 out of 35 questions correctly on his chemistry test What is his percent score?

28/35 x 100 = 80 percent.

How many questions can you miss to get a 75 percent on a 140 question test?


How many question have you got wrong if you go 91 percent of 35?

I took a test that had 35 questions. I got a 91%, how many did I miss?

Robin got 26 out of 40 test questions correct. What percent of robin's answers were wrong answers?


How many questions must you get right to pass an Irish driving theory test?

35 out of 40.

How many questions can you miss to get a 50 percent on a 35 question test?

To get a 50% on the test, you need at least (50/100) * 35 = 17.5 questions correct. If half credit is not possible, you need to get at least 18 questions correct to get a score of at least 50%. A score of 17 will be just shy of 50%.

How many question do i need to get right to pass a test if they're 35 question an i need an 80 percent?

35 x 80% = 28

What is the percent if 26 question were wrong out of 40 question on test?

40-26=14 questions answered correctly. 14/40=.35 Therefore the percentage of the test would be 35%

How many questions are on the motorcycle permit test in minnesota?

There are 35 questions

How many questions did you miss out of 35 if you got a 75 percent?

If all 35 questions were worth the same credit and you got a 75 percent,then you put down the wrong answer for 83/4 questions.

How do you get a 35 percent out of 100 percent if there are only 20 questions?

Answer 7 correctly.

Jim got 30 questions out of 35 What is his percent?


What is 70 percent of a 50 question test?


What percent do you have to pass the ham radio test?

Not quite 75%. There are 35 questions on the Technician and General exams, of which 26 must be correct. There are 50 questions on the Amateur Extra exam, of which 37 must be correct.

How many questions are on the permit test in Iowa?

There are 35 questions and you have to get 28 of them right. Study the book and you'll do fine, and if you think you need more practice look for a free online practice test. I've found one here at

What is your score if you miss 5 questions on a 35 question test?

It is: 30/35 or 85.714% to 3 decimal places providing all answered questions were correct

What is 8 percent of 35 percent?

8 percent of 35 percent = 0.08 x 35 percent = 2.8 percent

According to a survey 35 percent of people chose blue as there favorite color out of hundred people surveyed how many people chose blue?

Questions like these... its 35;percent is of 100its 35/100

What is 8 percent percent of 35?

8 percent percent of 35 = 0.0008 x 35 = 0.028

What is 1 percent of 35?

1 percent of 35 is .35. (.35*100=35)

What is 35 percent of 70 percent?

35 percent of 70 percent = 0.245

What grade would you get for answering 20 out of 35 questions right?

57% or F