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Heres the formula

Length X Width = Sq Feet surface

sq feet X depth ( or decimal equiv if less than a ft)= cubic feet

Then divide cubic feet by 27 to get cubic yards (3X3X3).

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Q: If you have a area of 576 square feet how many yards concrete do you need?
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How many yards of concrete for a footing 114 feet by 2 feet deep?

The answer depends on whether you mean 114 feet squared or a square 114 feet by 114 feet. The answer to the first scenario is 76 square yards of concrete. The answer to the second scenario is 8,664 square yards of concrete.

How many square yards of concrete are in 1000 square feet with a 6 inch depth?

1000 square feet/9 = 111.1 square yards of concrete 6 inches thick. This is the same as 111.1/4.5 = 24.7 cubic yards of concrete.

What in square yards and square feet is an area which is 125 feet by 210 feet?

The area is 26250 square feet or 2916.67 Square yards.

How many square feet will 3 yards of concrete cover at 4 inches thick?

One square yard is nine square feet, so 27 square feet is equivalent to 3 square yards. So 3 yards of concrete will cover 27 square feet.

How many square feet in 50 yards of concrete?

1350/depth of the concrete in feet

How many yards of concrete is 4077 square feet?

As long as you mean square yards, then: 1 square yard = 9 square feet 4077 square feet / 9 square feet per square yard = 453 square yards

What is 1008.17 square feet in yards?

Square feet is a measure of area. Yards is a measure of length. It's not possible to convert area to length. However, if you mean: "What is 1008.17 square feet in square yards," then: 1008.17 square feet equals 112.19 square yards

How many square yards of concrete are in 600 square feet?

divide by 9

If a square is 5 by 5 yards what is the area in feet?

25 square yards = 225 square feet.

How large is an area of 360 square feet in yards?

360 square feet is 40 square yards.

A field is 140 yards long and 70 yards wide What is the area in square feet?

The area in square feet is FAIL.

What is the area of ceiling 3 yards by 5 yards in square feet?

135 square feet.