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for USA, Canada and other countries running a 60 Hz supply serviceAsking this type of question usually means you aren't ready to do this yourself. If you get any detailed "how to do it" answer here, you might attempt to do something you shouldn't be doing, and that may cost someone a shock, a home fire, or their life.


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Even though non-grounding, non-polarized outlets may still be for sale in some hardware stores, nowadays every newly-installed outlet should have a ground.

A lot of homeowners may want to save money but, if the wires are larger than 18 gauge, leave them alone and call a professional to save families and homes from electrocutions and fires.


As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.

Before you do any work yourself,

on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,

always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.




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Q: If you have a number 10 6AWG wire from a breaker box and you bought a 50A non grounding power outlet can you still use it if the 10awg has 3 wires but the outlet has no place for a ground wire?
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What size breaker do you need for a stove?

From a 40 amp breaker, standard ranges have a three conductor #8 copper wire installed, terminating in a three pole four wire grounding receptacle. NEMA number 14-50R. Usually a 50 amp double throw breaker will do with 6 gauge wire

How many amps are in a typical circuit breaker?

There is a number on the end of each breaker handle. This number represents the maximum amperage handling the breaker will allow before tripping. There is a number on the end of each breaker handle. This number represents the maximum amperage handling the breaker will allow before tripping.

What wire do you need for a 30 amp range for stove?

You need a 40 amp breaker for a range. From a 40 amp breaker, standard ranges have a three conductor #8 copper wire installed, terminating in a three pole four wire grounding receptacle. NEMA number 14-50R.

What is the max number of breakers in a breaker box?

The maximum number of breaker slots in a 200 amp combination panel is 42.

What size breaker is the minimum using number 4 wire?

using number 4 wire what is the maximun size breaker possible

I have a gould single phase motor it says 220 v It only has 3 terminals Where do I put the 2 110 v wires?

Without knowing model number, i'd hazzard a guess one of the wires is a grounding point, and the other two are your 110 volts from your 220v 2 pole breaker. If you figure out which one is ground, the two others can be interchanged to give the motor the right spin direction.

What is 50G protection relay mean?

50 is the ANSI device number for an instantaneous overcurrent relay. The G suffix stands for "ground." A 50G protection relay trips the circuit breaker without time delay when it detects a ground fault on the circuit.

Can you use 12-2 with ground to wire a 2000 watt forced air heater to a 240 volt 30 amp breaker?

No. The ampacity of a #12 wire is 20 amps. Being connected to a 30 amp breaker means that the wire can be overloaded by 10 amps and still not trip. There are two things that can be done to stay within the electrical code. Number one, change the two pole 30 amp breaker to a two pole 20 amp breaker. The load of the heater is I = W/E, 2000/240 = 8.3 amps. That load can be run on a 14-2 cable from a two pole 15 amp breaker. Remember that the breaker protects the size of the wire that is connected to it. Number two, if you want to use the 30 amp breaker then a #10 wire rated at 30 amps is the smallest wire to connect to that breaker.

If a breaker is rated for 30 amps and is 2 poles is it ok to put an appliance that draws 50 amps?

The number that is on a breaker is the amount of amperage that the breaker can deliver before it trips. This is the same regardless of how many poles the breaker is.

How do you find out how big your main breaker box is?

Simple. Your main electrical panel will have a "main breaker". This will be a two pole breaker, usually at the top of the panel. It will have a number on the breaker "handle" such as 150 or 200. This is the maximum number of amps your panel can supply. Most newer homes, 1975 and newer have a 200 amp service.

Is a circuit breaker a resistor?

No, a circuit breaker is a safety device that is used in a circuit to limit the amount of current in an overload or short circuit condition. The number on a breaker is the top end current that the breaker will handle before opening the circuit.

What does dwell mean?

The number of degrees the breaker cam rotates from the time the breaker points close until they open again.

What is the standard to select circuit breaker?

Add up your amps to calculate your breaker size. Add up your loads (amps), divide by 0.8, and choose that size breaker. If that number does not correspond to a standard size breaker you go to the next higher standard size breaker.

Does a double 50 amp breaker make a 100 amp?

No, a double pole 50 amp breaker protects a 240 volt supply at 50 amps. The number that is on the handle of the breaker is the amperage that the breaker will trip at if an overload occurs on the circuit.

What is the meaning of the number 15 on a fuse or circuit-breaker?

it can carry 15Amps of load. Above this, it is liable to melt (fuse) or trip (breaker).

How can you tell what the amp service is in your house?

I would have to say that the amperage label on the main breaker would designate the amount of amps coming into the house.Look at the number on the handle of the main breaker. That number is the rating of the breaker and at what amperage the breaker will trip. If you have a main fuse switch the number on the fuse is the tripping amperage. This will be the amount of current that the service is rated at.

Why does your circuit breaker keep popping?

The load current is greater that the amperage of the breaker. Add up everything that is plugged into the circuit. If the total is greater that the number marked on the handle of the breaker unplug some of the equipment.

What is one and half breaker system in electrical lines?

One and half breaker system is an improvement on the double breaker system to effect saving in the number of circuit breakers. For every 2 circuits, 1 spare breaker is provided: Two feeders are fed from two buses via their associated circuit breakers and these two feeders are coupled by a third circuit breaker which is called tie breaker. During failure of any of the two feeder breakers, the power is fed via the breaker of the second feeder and main breaker (tie breaker).

How much does a shunt trip breaker cost?

The cost of a shunt trip breaker depends on the amperage and number of poles the circuit connected to it needs. The cost of the shunt trip over a conventional breaker is substantially more.

When will a circuit breaker trip or turn off?

A circuit breaker has a specific amperage trip setting. That is the number on the handle of the breaker. When an amperage that is drawn by a load goes higher than the setting on the breaker, the breaker will trip off. This tripping action opens the circuit and drops off the load that was causing a higher than normal amperage.

If you had a wall AC unit that ran on 240V and you got a new one that runs on 120V how do you change the wall receptacle outlet wiring to be able to run 120V instead of 240V and how about the breaker?

There are several factors: the outlet configuration and connection, the supply wiring, and the breaker. It has been suggested that: :The 240v gauge wire may be thicker than the 120 volt gauge. The 120 is 12 gauge and the 240 is probably at least 10 gauge. The wire itself will probably be okay. The outlet will have to be changed to a regular receptacle. The breaker for that circuit will have to changed to a 20 amp instead of the 30amp or so that it is now. I hope this helps you some. However, this ignores the fact that you can deliver twice as much power at 240v than 120v using the same rating wire and breakers. P= v x i; double the voltage, double the power for the same number of rated amperes. In any event, the cable into the breaker box will have to be disconnected from the two-pole breaker and the black (hot) wire connected to a single-pole breaker (say, 20A), and the neutral (white) wire connected to the neutral bar. There should also be a bare or green grounding wire connected to the grounding (or neutral) bar. The supply wiring must be at least 12 AWG or larger diameter (i.e., a lower number is larger diameter). In an ordinary north American receptacle, the black "hot" wire goes to the narrow slot, the white "neutral" goes to the larger slot, and the bare "grounding" wire goes to the third prong, often via the green screw marked "ground". Local code may dictate exactly how grounding connections are made (i.e., directly from the cable or with green pigtail from metal outlet box connected to the supply ground and the device ground). If possible, install a GFCI for added safety. Needless to say, any necessary rewiring of breakers and outlets should be done carefully by a qualified electrician, and you may need a permit, if not an inspection. It is also possible that someone illegally connected more than one outlet to the same circuit, so you should make sure there are none before any conversion project is undertaken, and account for any "extra" wires in the outlet box.

How can I tell what my home amp service is?

Look on the handle end of the main breaker. There should be a number there. That is the amperage of the main breaker. That is the size of your house service.

How can you tell what your home amp service is?

Look on the handle end of the main breaker. There should be a number there. That is the amperage of the main breaker. That is the size of your house service.

What is a 1988 oerl hershier record breaker card worth number 5?

how much is a 1988 oerl hershier record breaker card worth

How many amps is a 200 amp breaker rated for per phase?

A 200 amp breaker is rated to trip at 200 amps regardless of the number of phases.