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Another alternative is to run electrical wire from an existing light switch to the fan. In that manner, the light switch will control fan operation. You will need enough electrical wire to cover the span (the distance from the light switch, up the wall, through the attic, to the fan). De-install the ceiling fan and let it hang from the "hanger" provided by the manufacturer. Go in the attic and run one end of the wire through the hole left by the hanging fan. "Drop" the other end of the wire down the wall by the electrical switch and into the outlet box. Wire appropriately at both the switch and the fan.

This is a simple and clean installation.

AnswerIf you don't want to cut a hole in the wall, you can run the wire in conduit and screw a box on the wall. It will be ugly and utilitarian. If you want to install a switch like normal, you need to cut a hole in the wall.

As for the wiring, buy a book from the home center. They are around $20 and make great refrences when you can't remember the codes for a particular job. (Wiring a light to a switch is grade school science class material. If you don't know, you need to read a book on the subject.)

As stated above, you can surface mount either electrical conduit or wire/cable designed for exposed surface mounting and run into a switch box. Doing so will leave everything exposed... in other words, it won't be very pretty unless you like it that way.

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Q: If you have a pull chain light fixture in the ceiling how would you put up some kind of wall switch control to get rid of the chain and avoid cutting a hole in the wall?
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Can you control a ceiling fan with a dimmer switch that controls a light fixture?

not orden araly

How do you connect an ON-OFF switch to control the light?

To control a light with a switch, the switch has to be connected in series with the light fixture.

Ceiling Fan Repair?

form_title=Ceiling Fan Repair form_header=7393 Could you please explain the problem with the ceiling fan?*= () No power to fixture () Tripping circuit breaker/short () Unnecessary noise or vibration () Broken pull string () Remote control doesn't work () Other Is the ceiling fan operated by means of a wall switch plate and or remote?*= [] Wall switch [] Pull string [] Remote control

How do you Wire a light from a switched outlet?

See: "How can you re-wire a wall switch that controls an outlet to control a ceiling fan?" (Follow the link below.) The procedure is the same whether the new device is a light fixture or a ceiling fan.

How do you wire a ceiling fan speed control switch?

A ceiling fan speed control switch is wired the same as an ordinary off- on switch. If it is a replacement, look at the wires connection on the existing switch and connect the new speed control the same way.

How do you wire a 220 volts light?

The light is wired the same as any voltage fixture. Bring the source voltage to the fixture and connect it to the two fixture wires. If you want to control the off-on of the fixture take the source voltage to a switch first and then out of the switch to the light fixture.

Why does your ceiling fan light fixture flicker when off?

The most likely cause is a fault in the switch. Replace the switch and the problem will most likely disappear.

How do you wire a pull switch on a hard wire ceiling light that has no switch?

Two options. Change the fixture to a keyed pull-chain, or add a pull-chain adapter to the existing fixture. Both available from Home Depot and others for about $3.

How do you wire a ceiling light fixture to a receptacle that has two black wires and two white wires?

Black is Hot and White is Neutral and there should also be a bare ground wire. One black/white/bare cable is supply for receptacle and the other is connected in parallel and goes to another outlet. You need your ceiling fixture connected to one of the wires coming into the receptacle box, Black to Black, White to White and Bare to Bare. However, assume you want to be able to switch the ceiling light with a wall switch unless there is to be a pull chain on ceiling light. To connect switch run a new wired from the receptacle to a switch and run a wire from switch to ceiling fixture. At original outlet connect as described above. At switch connect White wires together with a wirenut, then do the same for the bare wires. Connect Black wire going to ceiling to one side or switch and Black wire coming from original receptacle to other side of switch.

Where is fan control switch located?

Depending on what type of fan, the fan control switch can be located on the wall for a ceiling fan. Each type of fan will have a different location for the fan control switch.

How can you re wire a wall switch that controls an outlet to control a ceiling fan?

You will have to run a separate wire from the wall outlet to the point at which you want to install the ceiling fan. Or you can just run a new wire from the wall switch to the point where you want to mount the ceiling fan. Either way you can control power to the fan from the wall switch.

Can you convert an overhead light fixture that is hardwired into a plug-in fixture?

Yes, you should be able to. (1) Make sure that the circuit breaker to that fixture is de-activated. (2) Remove the celiing fixture and unfasten the fixture from the two wires going into it from the junction box (usually held together by wire nuts). (3) Attach the wires coming from the junction box to the terminals of the new outlet you will be using. (4) secure the outlet to the junction box. (5) Re-activate the circuit breaker. If the former ceiling light was controlled by a switch, the new outlet will also be controlled by the same switch. DISCLAIMER: This instruction is for an ordinary run-of-the-mill ceiling fixture. If more than two wires are involved or the light is controlled from more than one switch, these instruction may not apply.

What would cause a ceiling fan's lights and fan to stop working while the small LED on the wall switch still lights when it is switched on?

That led is only showing that there is power to the switch and/or the light and fan fixture. You would have to check the power at the fixture to determine if it is actually in the switched feed or the fan/light assembly.

Is it possible to control a light switch with remote control?

Yes, in fact my ceiling fan and light are controlled by remote control, mine is made by designe control (DC)

Can a single pole switch replace a starter in fluorescent lamps?

No, a switch is used to control the circuit voltage that is applied to the fixture for turning the fixture on and off. The starter in the fluorescent fixture is used to start the current flowing through the filaments in the fixture's tubes. After a specific time, the starter heats up the circuit is opened and the current then flows through the fluorescent tubes.

What is a key less light fixture?

It just holds the bulb, does not have a switch in the fixture.

How can you install a pull chain or other on off switch on a hardwired fixture to replace a wall light fixture that has not wall switch?


What type of prewire for a ceiling fan light?

The pre wire for a ceiling fan light should be made with a three wire cable. This cable will have a red, black, and white wire as main conductors. This cable will also have a bare ground wire. This wire should be strung between a two gang switch box to the fixture junction box. This pre wire allows the supply to be either fed to the two gang box. From the two gang switch junction box, one side will be used for the light in the fixture and the other side of the switch junction box, itwill be used for the fan portionin the fixture.

How do you wire a pull chain switch on a fluorescent light?

Shut off the breaker that supplies the voltage to the fluorescent fixture. Wire the new pull chain switch in series with the black incoming wire and the black wire of the ballast. Turn the breaker back on and your switch will now control the off on operation of the light fixture.

How do you wire a switch to an electrical fixture?

Going for the switch to the fixture; there should be a "switch leg" colors will be orange yellow brown or purple purple is normally a travler but you never know :P Hook up the hot ie black red or blue to one side of switch and the "switch leg to the other side of the switch that's it for that...Now at the fixture there will be the same color switch leg where you will hook up the power to the actual fixture there will be two or three wires coming out of fixture hook white to white and whatever color your switch leg is to the black coming out of fixture and ground to ground if so used the ground will be green in no ground going back down to the switch then on the mounting bracket there should be a green painted screw strip the green wire out of fixture rap it around the green screw and then tighten it down and there your hooked up!!

How do I get my Allen Roth ceiling fan to reverse its blade rotation if there is no exterior switch like most ceiling fans that do not have a remote control?

If it doesn't have a reverse rotation switch then it isn't designed to go backwards. Those types of ceiling fans are a little more decrative and weren't intended for that purpose.

Can a single pole switch replace a starter in a tube light?

No. Starter comes in the circuit initially and then cuts off once the tube is on. If you use the switch, it wont be cut off automatically. If you want to use the switch manually then it technically possible to do so

Can you connect a wall switch and a light fixture to an existing light fixture?

If the question is, can I wire a switch to an existing light fixture (and I must assume that it's something like a pull-chain light fixture), the answer is yes.If the question is, "how do I wire a switch to an existing light fixture that has no external switch", the answer is, "in series".The attached web site gives simple instructions on how to wire a basic light switch to an existing light.See sources and related links below

How do you add a switch to a light fixture?

Install the switch in the wall outlet box you have installed. Now run a 12/2 or 14/2 wire from the switch to the light fixture in the ceiling. Run the exact same size wire that is already powering the light. Connect the ground wire coming from the light switch to the ground wires in the ceiling box. At the light in the ceiling cut the black wire powering the light. Cut only that wire. Now strip the 2 black wires back and connect the white wire coming from the wall switch to one of the black wires and the black wire coming from the wall switch to the other black wire. At the wall switch connect the ground wire to the ground screw on the single pole switch. Now connect the white and black wire to either screw. Does not matter which one. Now when you turn the switch off you are breaking the flow of electricity to the light. This is called a switch leg.

How do you install a pull chain switch in a fluorescent light fixture?

You have both a mechanical and electrical issue. From a mechanical standpoint you need the switch mounted securely in the fixture. The switch will have two black wires or two terminals. You need to insert the switch in series with the black wire going to the fixture. Let's say that the black wire from a supply is connected to the black wire in the fixture with a wirenut. Undo the two wires and connect each wire to a wire on the switch.

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