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Q: If you havent grown in two years are you finshed growing?
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Im 12 years old and my breasts still havent grown can anybody tell me why?

dont worry, they will grow eventually. i am about to start highschool and my havent grown either. my best friend is also about to start highschool too and she is just as flat as me. just wait for it :)

Is the population in London growing?

Yes - the population has grown by about 1 million over the past 20 years.

Is it true that you stop growing 2 years after your period because I have grown a lot and I had have my period more than 2 years and I still grow from last year to now I have grown 7 cm?

i have also grown....I don't think its really true that we don't grow...

When you are 18 you are grown?

In the US, when you are 18 years old you are viewed as an adult, but usually people stop growing by the age of 20.

When your 18 are you grown?

In the US, when you are 18 years old you are viewed as an adult, but usually people stop growing by the age of 20.

What stops you from growing. I used to grow very fast but I now i am almost 15 and i haven't grown for almost 2 years. Is there a growing disorder?

Being 'grown up'. If people didn't stop growing at some point, pensioners would be extremely tall and would keep banging their heads in doorways. Most people stop growing taller in their mid to late teens.

Age of cow stop growing?

The age of a cow when it will stop growing is about the age of 5 years. The baby cow will stop nursing from the mother around 14 months old but is not considered grown.

How long does a crysanthemum live?

Crysanthemum are perennial plants but these are grown as seasonal or annual plants. Suckers are stored for growing them vegetatively in the subsequent years.

What is the population of Inverness?

The population has grown a lot over the past ten years and is one of the fastest growing citys in Scotland with the population around 75,000 +

What was the population of Wichita Kansas 1958?

The population of wichita in the year 1958 was in fact,366,046. It has grown over the last few years and is growing at this moment:)

What are renewable and non renewable components of forests?

Quick growing trees that can be planted, grown and harvested are renewable. Old trees, hundreds of years old, are not renewable.

When is a tabby full grown?

Generally, a cat is considered an adult at one year of age. However, it is not uncommon for them to continue growing until 2 or 3 years of age.