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So, what is the question? - Well, you would need a greater speed, to travel a longer distance in the same time.

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Q: If you increase the distance traveled over the same period of time?
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What is the distance traveled over a period of time?

It is the product (multiplication) of the average speed and the time interval.

Is distance directly proportional to velocity?

Distance Traveled is directly proportional to velocity. This is because velocity is the change in position over a period of time. The greater the velocity, the greater the distance traveled. For you calculus junkies, integrate velocity to get displacement.

Distance and direction traveled over time?


What is measured as distance traveled over time?


What is distance and direction traveled over time?


What does a ramp increase?

It increases the distance over which work is performed, while reducing the power required over the period of the work performed.

What is the measurement of distance over time?

(a distance traveled) divided by (time to travel the distance) is known as a "speed" .

What is the increase of velocity over a period of time is?

Increase of velocity over a period of time is called acceleration.

What does a steep line on a distance time graph mean?

With distance on the x axis and time on the y axis a steep line would indicate a short distance traveled over a long period of time, depending on the scale of the graph.

When you use a graph to solve a problem about how far a car traveled?

When you have information about the motion of the cars in terms of its velocity of acceleration over a period of time but not its distance from a fixed object.

What is the distance Columbus traveled?

Columbus was known to keep logs of how far he traveled during his voyages. It is estimated from these logs that he traveled a little over 3,400 nautical miles.

What are the quantities in finding the speed of an object?

time and distance traveled over that amount of time

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