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Diameter = circumference/pi

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Q: If you know the circumference of a circle which steps can you follow to find its diameter?
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If you know the circumgerence of a circle which steps can you follow to find its diameter?

circumference = pi x diameter c = pi x D pi = 3.14 divide both sides by pi to get D c/pi = D

What is the diameter of 6 foot circle?

The diameter of a circle that has a perimeter of 6' rounds to 1.9" without intermediate steps.

How do you find the area of a circle that has no diameter?

The circle must have a diameter, so maybe your teacher just didn't tell you the diameter. In order to figure out the question, you need to know some information about the circle. Weather it's the radius, circumference, or diameter. So here's how you find area if you only have each of the three: 1. If you just have the radius, then square the radius. This means multiply radius times radius. Or say the radius is 4. Squaring it is 4 times 4. So once you find out the answer for radius squared, multiply radius squared by pi. (Probably use 3.14 for pi) Then there's your area. 2. If you only have the circumference of a circle, then you need to find the radius. In order to do that, you need to find the diameter. To find the diameter of a circle, you take the circumference and divide it by pi. (3.14) then you have your diameter. Since the radius is half the diameter, divide the diameter by 2. Then, once you find the radius, you may look at step 1 and use those steps to find out the area. Since your question is wondering how to find the area without knowing the diameter, then you can multiply the radius by 2 to find out the diameter. Even though you don't need to know the diameter to find the area. You just do (r times r) times pi (3.14)

How do you divide a circle in equal pieces?

Starting at one point of the circle, draw a straight line through the center of the circle to the other side. This line is called a diameter. It will divide the circle into 2 equal pieces.Now, if you want to divide the circle into any number N of equal pieces, follow these steps in orderdivide the diameter into N equal segments,from one endpoint of the diameter, draw half circles towards every endpoint of the equal segments,flip the circle,from the other endpoint of the diameter, draw again half circles towards every endpoint of the equal segment (but now filling the other side of the circle).The resulting parts of the circle have equal area.

What Are The steps used in the construction of an equilateral triangle inscribed in a circle?

Draw a circle using a compass. Then, without changing the compass setting, place its point on the circumference of the circle, at any point A, and draw two arcs to intersect the circumference at B and C. Move the compass to B and draw another arc to intersect the circumference at D; and then from C to E. ADE will be an inscribed equilateral triangle.

What are the steps to find the answer to what the radius of a circle with a circumference of 8?

C=pi x 2 r C/2pi=r 8/6.28=1.27

How do you show your work for the surface area of a cylinder whose answer is 282.6?

Perform and write down each of these steps: -- Multiply the radius of the circular end of the cylinder by 2 to get its diameter. -- Multiply the diameter of the cylinder's round end by (pi) to get its circumference. -- Multiply the circumference of the cylinder's round end by its length. -- Point out that the result is 282.6 .

Steps to finding the area of a circle?

1. Measure the radius and multiply it by itself (square it) 2. Multiply Pi (3.14159....) with answer of step 1. That will be the area. Area of circle = Pi x radius2 Radius = Half the diameter of the circle.

Does ab circle pro works?

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What is the radius of a circle with the circumference of 13 ft show steps please?

2*pi*radius = circumference 2*pi*radius = 13 Making the radius the subject of the formula is: radius = 13/(2*pi) = 2.06901426 feet Check: 2*pi*2.06901426 = 13 feet

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