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1 hertz.

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Q: If you make a wave in a rope so that one wave passes every second what is its frequency?
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If you make a wave in a rope so that a wave passes every second What is its frequency?

1 Hz

If you make wave in a rope so that one wave passes every second what is it frequency?

1 cps

How do you make a cumulative frequency table?

Given a frequency table,the first cumulative frequency is the same as the first frequency;the second cumulative frequency is the sum of the first cumulative frequency and the second [ordinary] frequency;the third cumulative frequency is the sum of the second cumulative frequency and the third [ordinary] frequency;and so on.An alternative definition is that the cumulative frequency for any value is the sum of all the frequencies less than or equal to that value.

What does frequency mean in science term?

Frequency, referring to sound, is the amount of complete waves every second that produce sound. For example: High pitched sounds, like the sound that whistles make, have a high frequency (lots of waves per second). And Low pitched sounds like the sound that a subwoofer makes have a low frequency (Not so many waves per second) The average human can hear from 20hz (cycles per second) up to around 20,000hz (cycles per second)

When you make the note lower what do you change?

The frequency - that is, the number of vibrations per second. Lower notes have less vibrations per second.

Can frequency be in micro hertz?

Yes. The definition of "hertz" is a unit of frequency that occurs once every one second. If something occurs once every second, it does so at a rate of one hertz. If it occurs at a rate greater than once every second, such as ten times per second, then it occurs at a frequency greater than one hertz (10 hertz for this particular example). Going in the other direction, frequency can also be represented in measurements smaller than one (just as with anything else - milliamps in current being the first example to come to mind). Therefore, if something occurs at a rate slower than once per second, then it occurs at a frequency of less than one hertz. Since the ratio of frequency to time for hertz is 1:1, then it's easy to determine either the rate or the frequency by taking the reciprocal of whichever one you already have. An example would be that if something occurs at a rate of three times every second, then the ratio of frequency to rate would be 3:1, having a frequency of three hertz. If it occurs once every three seconds, then the ratio would be 1:3, meaning the frequency would be 1/3 hertz. Since one microhertz would be 1/1000000 of 1 hertz (or 1^-6 hertz), something can occur at a frequency of one microhertz if it only occurs once every 1000000 seconds. For a more easier understanding, that's roughly once every ~11.574 days. Or to make it more fun, you age at a rate of 1:(365.242199*24*60*60), which is at a frequency of ~31.557 microhertz. Probably drew out the explanation more than you needed, but hopefully it answered your question completely.

If you make three rope waves persecond what is the frequency of the wave?

3 per second = 3 Hz

Is it the faster the time the faster the frequency?

"Fast time" doesn't really make much sense, and instead of "fast frequency" you would usually say "high frequency". Frequency means how often something repeats - in physics, this is measured in hertz, which means the same as cycles per second (or repetitions per second). A "high frequency" means that something repeats many times per second (or many times per day, or whatever unit you choose to use).

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