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71% or C-

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Q: If you missed 10 out of 35 questions what would the grade be?
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If there are 30 questions on a test and 10 are missed what is the final grade?


What percentage would you get if missed 3 questions out of 10?

You would have 70%.

What percentage would you get if you missed 10 questions out of 30?


What percentage would you get if you missed 1 out of 10 questions?

It is: (10-1)/10 times 100 = 90%

What percentage would you get if you missed 2 questions out of 10?

you managed 8 out of 10, 4/5ths or 80%

What grade would you get for answering 8 out of 10 questions right?


How do you grade a test?

You take the total number of missed problems, subtract from total of questions, divide by total of questions (then convert to percentage). Example: 10 total questions on test, three are missed Step 1: 10 - 3 = 7 Step 2: 7 divided by 10 = .70 Step 3: .70 converted to percentage = 70%

What would your grade be If you got 10 questions wrong out of 30?

67% or D+

You answered 7 out of 10 questions correctly what is your grade?

If the answers are being graded on a 10 point each scale the grade would equate to a 70%.

What is your grade if you miss 4 out of 10 problems?

If there are 10 questions, then each question will be worth 10 points to make a total grade of 100. Therefore, if you got 6 questions correct (10 - 4 = 6) then your grade will be a 60 (6 times 10)

How many questions can you miss to get 80 percent on a 10 question test?

100%-80%=20%10*.2=2Therefore you missed 2 questions.

What is your grade for 10 out of 12 questions?

That is 83%. It all depends on the school you go to what that means as a letter grade. Usually (but not always) it would be a low B.

What is the grade if you miss 1 out of 10?

If there are 10 questions on the test then they are each worth 10 point to make a total of 100. If you miss one question, then you got 9 right (10 - 1 = 9) so 9 times 10 would be a grade of 90.

What percentage would you get if you missed 3 questions out of 13?

if the bearing of the correct a nswer is the same as the o nes that is missed the n % rate of correct a nswers: = (13- 3)/13 * 100% = 10/13 * 100% = 76.92%

What percent would you get if you missed 2out of 10?


How many questions do you have to miss to get an 80 on a 60 question test?

According to my grade calculator with a 60 question test your break point would be 30 for a D- and a 57 for an A+, so an 80% would 47 correct questions and that means you would get a B and that is missing 10 questions.

What is your grade if you miss 2 out of 10 problems?

Missing two questions = getting eight questions correct. 8/10 = 80%

How can you find the grade average from 2 wrong out of 10?

Since there are 2/10 problems that are missed, there are 8/10 problems that are correct. 8/10 is 0.8 which is equal to 80%.

How can you find the grade average from three wrong out of 10 questions?

10 - 3 = 7 7 / 10 = .7 = 70%

If i have a test with 10 questions and i get 4 wrong what grade did i get?

You get 60%. What that means in terms of grades depends on the grade boundaries.

What grade is a 10 year old from England in?

Here they would be 5th grade.

How does the education system work in Canada?

Hi so im Moving to Canada and i need to know how the education system work there im currently in Ireland. In Ireland we have junior Certificate thats in 10th grade and we Have Leaving Certificate thats in grade 12so grade 9-10 is when you prepare for Junior cert and you sit the Junior cert in the End of Grade 10 and if the same with grade 11-12. So if you miss grade 9 and are going into grade 10 then they dont allow you to go into grade 10 as you have missed most of the course so is that the same in Canada or what ..?

What is your Grade for 10 out of 15 questions?

67% take 10 and divide by 15 10/15 = .66 66 multiply by 100 for percentage .6666 * 100 = 67%

What grade is preteens?

A preteen is like 10 to 12 and a teen is 13 to 18 so it would be like...grade 5 to grade 7

What is your grade if you miss 5 out of 15 questions?

If you miss 5 out of 15, you only got 10/15/ 10 divided by 15 is .6667. That is equal to an F