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3/50 = 0,06 = 6 percent wrong, which means you get 100 - 6 = 94 % correct answers. Also it depends on how many you got wrong, so if you got 5 wrong you would get an 84.

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Q: If you missed 3 questions on an sol tesst with 50 questions what would you get?
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What Astronomy name for venus?

"Venus" is the original Latin name for the planet, but the strict scientific name is Sol 3. (Third planet from Sol. the Sun) Earth would be Sol 4, Mars would be Sol 5, and so on.

What is the Latin translation for sun and moon?

The latin translation for sun would be sol and the translation for moon would be luna. Sun and moon translated to latin would be Sol et luna. Sol and luna are the root words for words like solar and lunar.

In which Spanish city would you find the 'Puerta del Sol'?

The best known Puerta del Sol is in Madrid Spain.

What sol sol bamba sol sol bamba?

Sol is awesome biyatch

Would pine-sol kill a single leave plucked from a tree?

Pluck the leaf from the tree and you have killed it. You will not need pine-sol.

How do you play happy birthday song using solfege?

sol sol la sol do ti, sol sol la sol re do. sol sol (octave up)sol mi do ti la, fa fa mi do re do.

Why do you crave the smell of pine-sol and rubber tires I am not pregnant.?

I would like to know, since I also crave the smell of Pine Sol!!!!

The so fa syllables of pilipinas kong mahal?

sol mi mi mi sol fa mi fa la ti do re la sol sol sol mi mi mi sol re sol ti la do ti la la sol sol sol do sol ti do ti la la la ti fa mi fa la sol sol sol mi re do ti ti la la do la sol la mi re do

What is the so fa syllable of leron leron sinta?

Sol sol fa mi fa sol Sol la sol mi sol fa Fa fa mi re mi fa Sol sol fa mi re do Sol sol fa mi fa sol Mi mi mi fa sol la La la do ti la sol Do ti ti la ti do

How old is Sol Hurok?

Sol Hurok was born on April 9, 1888 and died on March 5, 1974. Sol Hurok would have been 85 years old at the time of death or 127 years old today.

How old is Sol Tax?

Sol Tax was born on October 30, 1907 and died on January 4, 1995. Sol Tax would have been 87 years old at the time of death or 107 years old today.

What are the so fa syllables of the song London Bridge?

The syllables are: sol la sol fa mi fa sol re mi fa, mi fa sol sol la sol fa mi fa sol re sol mi do

What is the basic source of light?

On our planet it would be, Sol, our sun.

What is the so-fa syllables of row row row your boat?

Do do do re mi Mi re mi fa sol Do do do sol sol sol Mi mi mi do do do Sol fa mi re do

What are the sol rings in Sonic the Hedgehog?

There are no such things. There are Sol Emeralds, in Blaze's universe and the Chaos Rings in Sonic's universe. There are also World Rings in Sonic and the Secret Rings. If they did exist, they would probably be rings infused with Sol Emerald energy.

What is the Sofa syllables of rain rain go away?

Sol mi sol sol mi Sol sol mi la sol sol mi Fa fa re re fa fa re Sol fa mi re mi do do (Repeat ad nauseam)

What lullaby is this do mi sol mi sol do mi sol mi sol?

Brahms lulkaby

Sol-fa for happy birthday to you?

sol sol la sol do ti sol sol la sol re do sol sol SOL (higher) mi do ti la fa fa mi do re do. You should always try to end on Do, especially when teaching young people. Since the piece is diatonic anyhow, there is no need to add in accidentals.

Why is the sun sol important to us?

Without the sun we would not be here....and it would be really dark.

How long time will earth move in its orbit if the sun suddenly disappeared?

If the sun Sol suddenly vanished, the earth would continue on a straight line; in other words, its orbit about Sol would be over/stopped immediately.

What is sofa syllable of old MacDonald?

Do do do sol la la sol Mi mi re re do Sol do do do sol la la sol Mi mi re re do Sol sol do do do Sol sol do do do Do-do do do-do do Do-do-do-do do do Do do do sol la la sol Mi mi re re do

In EV Nova how do you continualy jump through hyperspace?

you need to get a ship with a multi jump organ so that instead of jumping from sol--> tichel--> kania you would jump sol--> kania

In which spanish city would you find Puerta del sol?


Can you give me an example of songs with sol fa syllable lyrics?

Song with sol fa syllables as lyrics:Do Re Mi (Sound of Music)... "Doe, a deer, a female deer/ Ray, a drop of golden sun/ Me, a name I call myself..." Song with lyrics turned into sol fa syllables: Happy Birthday... "Sol sol la sol do ti/ Sol sol la sol re do/ Sol sol sol(8va) me do ti la/ Fa fa mi do re do!"

What nicknames does Sol Papadopoulos go by?

Sol Papadopoulos goes by Sol.