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That depends on your teacher's or schools practice.

If they "grade on a curve" then all the tests taken will be distributed on a Gaussian bell probability curve. So if you are the only one who missed 4 questions and everybody else missed more you will get the highest grade; but of you are the only one who missed 4 questions and everybody else mised fewer, then you will get the lowest grade.

In my school only a few teachers graded on a curve; most would have given a B for missing 4 out of 26 equally important questions.

UH UH!If you missed 4 out of 26, you would still get a A-.I aked my teacher and she said yes.

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Q: If you missed 4 on a test with 26 questions what is your finnal grade?
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If there are 30 questions on a test and 10 are missed what is the final grade?


You got a 16 out of 20 on your test what's my grade?

It would be 80. You missed 20% of the 20 questions: you missed 4 questions.

35 questions on a test missed 5 what is your grade?

That would be 85% (30 divided by 35) which is normally a grade of B. If you only missed 3, you would have an A-.

How do you determine a grade where theres 40 questions but missed 5?

Your score on the test is 87.5% . It's up to the teacherwhat letter-grade to award for that score.

35 questions on a test missed 7 what is your grade?

You get 80%. The grade depends on the grade boundaries which are set by the examination board and may be varied for the purpose of standardisation.

If you had 28 questions on a test and you got a 90 how many did you missed?

You missed 3 questions.

If you missed 7 questions out of 100 on a test what is your grade?

93 % A+.Since it is 93% so anything higher than 90% will be counted as a A+.

What percentage would you get if you missed 4 questions out of a 30 question 6 grade social studies test?

I think it's 86%

What percentage is 32 missed from test of 75 questions?

42.67% missed.

Julie missed 5 questions on the test but answerd 80 percent of the questions correctly how many questions were in the test?

25 Questions

How do you grade a test?

You take the total number of missed problems, subtract from total of questions, divide by total of questions (then convert to percentage). Example: 10 total questions on test, three are missed Step 1: 10 - 3 = 7 Step 2: 7 divided by 10 = .70 Step 3: .70 converted to percentage = 70%

70 question test and you missed 14 what is your grade?