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One thing to keep in mind when you talk of upgrading an electrical service. That is that a permit will have to be taken out, inspection made and the whole house will have to be brought up to current standards of the code. This could run into a large amount of money on a 50 year old house. Contact an electrical contractor for an estimate. A good contractor will not charge for this service. If there is a fee for this service move on to someone else as this guy will try to do things on the cheap and end up usually costing you more money. Consider a small 6 circuit sub panel if there are two spare circuit holes in the existing panel. This installation would be far less costly that a new service change. A new 200 amp service should be in the neighbourhood of $2000.

That depends on what kind of appliance you plan on placing.

100 Amps sounds ample for 6 normal sockets if they are in parallel. For an item like a wasjher, dryer, oven etc.. you would need an independent circuit.

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Q: If you plan to finish the basement of a 50 year old house do you need to upgrade the electricity from 100A service so that you can add 6 new outlets and dedicated circuits for appliances?
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Single dedicated large load appliances are connected in series (240 volts). Small load appliances that are plug into receptacles (120 volts) are connected in a parallel circuits.

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That's what all electrical appliances do - convert electricity into other forms of energy.That's what all electrical appliances do - convert electricity into other forms of energy.That's what all electrical appliances do - convert electricity into other forms of energy.That's what all electrical appliances do - convert electricity into other forms of energy.

How does electricity get distributed in the household?

Electricity get distributed in the household through electrical circuits. The circuits distribute voltage to receptacles, light and hard wired appliances. These circuits are fed from breakers that are in the distribution panel. The distribution panel is where the utility company's service supply terminates. The distribution panel is the central location where the household circuits originate.

What are circuits?

Circuits are an electricity word

What items use parallel circuits?

Appliances at home

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All electrical circuits do.

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Appliances usually have a higher current draw that is very close to the limit of the circuits capacity. By having other loads on this circuit it could lead to nuisance tripping when and if both the appliance and the additional load were started at the same time.

What appliances has sequential circuits?

Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers.

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A dedicated circuit is a single line that comes directly off its own breaker in the electrical panel to the device or outlet it is powering. It is not shared with any other outlets or devices. Dedicated circuits are usually required for appliances, such as ranges, refrigerators, microwaves, and air conditioners/heat pumps.

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