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It either floats or sinks...put the marbles in water to test them!

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Q: If you put marbles in the water what happens?
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What happens if you pour water into a jar full of marbles?

When you poor water into a jar full of marbles, the water will fill the spaces between the marbles; bubbles will also appear.

How can you separate marbles and plastic beads of the same size?

Put them in water.

How can you separate marbles and plastic beads the same size?

Put them in water.

How can you calculate the volume of a sample of marbles?

Either: 1) Find the radius of each marble and thus their volume through V = 4/3 x pi x r^3 and then add the volumes up. or 2) Put all the marbles in a measuring jug and fill it up to the top. Pour the water into a separate container and empty the marbles out of the jug. Pour the water back into the jug. Thus: Volume of water with marbles - volume of water without the marbles = volume of marbles

What are 'water marbles' made from?

water marbles are made from the same material as contact lenses

Are marbles sand and water a mixture or a solution?

Sand, marbles, and water can be a mixture.

What happens to marbles when you pour them in a jar?

they stay there

How can you determine density of a mrble?

Use a scale to find the mass of several marbles. Put some water in a graduated cylinder. Take a reading. Place all the marbles in the grad. cylinder with the water, which will rise. Take another reading. Make sure the marbles are completely submerged. Subtract the 2 readings. This gives the volume of the marbles. This is called the water displacement method. Divide mass by volume. This gives you the density.

How do you seperarate a mixture of sand salt iron filing and cork?

For the nails, you can use a magnet. You can separate the marbles and corks by putting it in water, wood floats and marbles don't.

Can you put marbles in your fish tank?


Which property of marbles causes the water level to rise when they are put in a graduated cylinder?

The fact that they are waterproof. Partly but they take space in the water and as a result water is displaced and rises.

How do you separate water flour and marbles?

In a beaker put in some marbles and 20ml of water.Using a filter funnel and filter paper let the water soak through the filter paper.