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Pee in the cup and hope for the best.

But, really, you should strongly consider giving up the dope. There are so many excellent opportunities that would be out of reach if they ask for a pre-employment test. It just isn't worth it in the long run.

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Q: If you smoked less than a joint 3 days ago and have a test in 2 days what can you do?
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You smoked joint on November 3 and you have a drug test around the 17th of December will it be gone by then?

30 DAYS!!!!!!

You smoked only 1 joint 60 days ago will if fail a hair test?

You should pass.

You smoked a joint 28 days ago will you pass a piss test?

you sure will, I've passed it even 10 days after being high as hell

36 days ago you smoked a cannabis joint how many more days should you wait before taking a drugs test?

You can pass a drug test immediately after smoking. There are many factors you have to consider such as how much you were smoking before you stopped, your BMI, amount of exercise and hydration. If you only smoked one you will be fine.

If you smoked a joint 45 days ago would that be enough to test positive on a hair follicle test?

yes. About 45 day for weed to leave your system.Tip: Faster if u drink water everyday.

If you smoked pot 12 days ago and you have a drug test will it still be in your system for a first time smoking only half a joint?

No, the drug is unlikely show up in a urine or blood test, but could still be detected in a hair test.

Can you pass a saliva test if you not smoked crack in 2 days?


I took 3 hits of marijuana about a month ago I haven't smoked in over a year Will I test positive if I have a drug test 30 days after I smoked?


You ave not smoked pot in 3 months put smoked a joint today how long will it take to pass a pee test?

I would say about a week, tops.

I smoked weed a month ago and I only smoked a joint and I have a hair drug test next week will such a small amount show up in my hair?


You smoked 28 days ago can you pass your drug test?


You smoked every day for very long you weight 104 lbs and have not smoked in 45 days is there a chance you will have a clean drug test?

You should be clean. THC stays in the system about 30 days average - and it only goes down with ppl who have less body fat.