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that's two raised to 60... use a scientific calculator...

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Q: If you start off with 2 cells and they double every minute how many cells do you have in 60 minutes. 2 4 8 16 32..?
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if have one bacterial cell reproduces every twenty minutes how many cells will there be after sixty minutes?

The answer is 8, if you assume you start with 1. This makes sense, because if you think about it.Start with 1@20 minutes you have 2 (both double)@40 minutes you have 4 (both double)@60 minutes you have 8 (both double)

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If a cell divides every 2 minutes how many cells will there be in 14 minutes?


How often does bacteria multiply in you minute?

Bacteria reproduces every 9.5 minutes . Ecoli reptoduces every 20 minutes. Bacteria multiplys many times in one minute due to asexual reproduction-binary fission.

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