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Six and two fifths.

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Q: If you subtract three fifths from seven what do you get?
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What is four fifths subtract three fifths?


What is three fifths three fifths three fifths?

It is twenty seven divided by one hundred twenty five.

What is three and seven eighths subtract two fifths round to the nearest half or whole?

The answer is 39/40 - so rounding to the nearest would yield the answer 3.

What is one fourth zero and seven tenths and three fifths in order from least to greatest?

Zero, one fourth, three fifths and seven tenths.

What is 6 and 1 half subtract 1 and 9 10s?

Four and three-fifths

How is seven and three fifths expressed as a decimal?


What does seven minus three and three fifths equal?

3 and 2/5

What is seven fifths times three fifths?

7/5 x 3/5 is 21/25

Is seven tenths larger than three fifths?


Is three fifths greater than seven tenths?


What is seven and three eights plus two and three fifths?

9 39/40

What is the real answer to three fifths plus three fourths?

First we need to convert them into like terms. Three fifths is twelve twentieths. Three fourths is fifteen twentieths. Together that is twenty-seven twentieths. That is one and seven twentieths or 1.35 in decimal.

What is four plus three and two fifth?

seven and two fifths

What is greater seven twelfths or three fifths?

3/5 is greater.

What is seven tenth minus three fifths?

one tenth

What is seven eighths subtract one half?

three eighths

What is less than three fourths and greater than three fifths?

An (uncountable) infinitude of numbers, including two thirds, seven tenths, and pi fifths.

When was Fifths of Seven created?

Fifths of Seven was created in 2004.

What is the answer to seven and three fourths and eight and four fifths?

16 11/20

What is two fifths plus seven fourths?

2.15 or 2 and three twentieths

What is seven and three-fifths written as an improper fraction?


What is three fifths multiplied by seven?

3/5 * 7 = 21/5

What is my slope if the rise over run is three-fifths?

It is three fifths.

What is 3 and 2 fifths divided by three fifths?

Three and 2 fifths divided by three fifths = 17/3 or 52/3

What is three fifths in decimal?

"three fifths" = 0.6