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This is difficult, you could have had an early miscarriage, a lot of women miscarry in the first month without even knowing it. But it could be that you took the first one early morning when your hormones were most concentrated, and the second one later in the day, or it could be a false negative the second time. Take another one, early morning, and be sure.

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Q: If you take a pregnancy test and it comes up positive and then a couple days later another one is negative which one should you believe?
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One positive pregnancy test fifteen negative which is right?

If you don't believe the tests, why would you believe a website? Ask your doctor.

Home pregnancy test said faintly positive hospital grade pregnancy test said negative-which one to believe?

You need to wait 3 days or more and take another test or go see the doctor.

You took a pregnancy test it came out positive and went to a doctor and it came out positive and then went to another doctor and it came out negative?

Did you not believe the first two tests. A positive test is 99% likely to be correct, a negative test is 50% likely to be correct. You don't say what type of test, or at what time of day it was done. email me for more information.

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I believe I am 3weeks 3days pregnant but I am not sure if it's to soon to get a ultrasound done I need some advise I took pregnancy test with positive results And one negative?

There is only one thing to do if you have one positive and one negative pregnant test. You should go to the doctor and get the pregnancy confirmed.

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Can you be pregnant although you got negative pregnancy test results and you had a period for 4 days?

Yes, but I believe it would be rare. I would test again in another week and if negative, take it as a negative.

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Can irregular period affect pregnancy test?

Only to the extent you may have gotten pregnant sooner or later in your cycle than you thought you did. If your pregnancy test is negative two weeks after you believe you conceived wait five days and retake the test, by this point you will know the test is accurate, either positive or negative.

Is it possible to have A positive pregnancy test and then 3 negatives?

hi, yes i believe it is possible to have a positive then 3 negatives. I tested on fri as positive with FR then hour later did it again as the line was faint and my friend said try again it was the same but faint, I did another Saturday morning it was negative and then another monday morn neg again. All FR test. Ive been trying 15 months. Im going to doc in morn i think i might have a chemical pregnancy. Good luck

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If you just recently took a pregnancy test which was positive and also took an ovulation test the same day that was saying you were ovulating What is going on Are you pregnant or ovulating?

I would be inclined to believe the pregnancy test, but take another one to be sure.

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Could you be pregnant if you never missed you period and you urine test says negative but you are having symtoms and you stomach is taking the form of a pregnancy?

If you have not missed your period and the pregnancy test is negative, then I would believe you are not pregnant.

Can a transvaginal ultrasound detect pregnancy in 2 weeks?

Very good question! I do believe it can, but I am not positive.

Can you be pregnant if doctor says its a positive but home pregnancy test says negative 3 days later?

sometimes home test even shows false result. We cant believe the home test 100%

Took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Still havent had a period and You are having some pregnancy symptoms?

The pregnancy test doesn't always work to what they make you believe. it can sometimes not detect a pregnancy for the hormones that cause the test strip to react weren't enough. Either, take another pregnancy test, or if you really want to know if you are, go to your doctor and get a blood test.

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