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two apples

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Q: If you take two apples out of a basket of six apples how many apples do you have?
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In a fruit basket there are six apples and three oranges. What fraction of the basket are apples?

Apples are 6/9 of the basket.

846 apples are divided into 6 baskets how many are there in 4 baskets?

If the apples are divided evenly into six baskets, then there are 564 apples in four baskets. 846 / 6 = 141 apples per basket 4 x 141 = 564 apples

Three apples and twice as many oranges add up to one-half the number of cherries in a fruit basket How many cherries are there?

If there are three apples, then there are six oranges. Those add up to nine, so if nine is half the number of cherries in the basket, then there are eighteen cherries there.

If you pick 79 apples how many dozen apples dose she have?

79 apples is the same as six dozen and seven apples. I don't know how many she has.

If There is 6 eggs in a basket 6 people take 1 each but there is 1 left in the basket how is that possible?

The basket actually had seven eggs in it. The statement that the basket had six eggs in it is also true, although misleading. If it was said that the basket had only six eggs in then it would be untrue.

How many bananas in a 6 pack of apples?

There are zero bananas in a six pack of apples.

Can six be an adjective?

yes... since anything that describes a noun is an adjective... e.g - six apples.. it is showing/DESCRIBING how many apples there are :)

If you take two apples from three trees how many apples do you have?

You have six... ID(random numbers here) I just wanted to correct this... you have two. He (or She) did not say from EACH tree, just from three trees.

How many 30c apples can you buy with 1.80?

six (6)

There were six eggs in a basket six people took one egg each and there was still one egg left in the basket how?

The sixth person took the basket with the egg in it.

It takes six apple to make one apple pie how many pies can you make from 36 apples?

six pies.

A basket has six eggs in it Six people come along and each takes an egg but there is still one egg left in the basket?

the last one took egg along with basket .hence one egg remained in basket.