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Q: If you took 40 shots at a basketball game and you missed 30 percent of the shots what fraction of the shots did you miss?
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At basketball practice Jeremy made 35 percent of the free throw shot he took if he took 40 shots ,how many free throw shots did he make?

Convert to a fraction, then convert to a decimal by dividing the numerator by the denominator. 0.00875 of per shots

If you shot the basketball 25 times and made 68 percent of the shots how many did you make?

You would make 25 * 0.68 shots; or 17 shots made.

How many shots did a basketball player make if he usually makes 50 percent of his shots taken and on a bad night his percentage drops bay a factor of 1 half and he took 12 shots?

He made three shots.

How much shots can one shoot from the end of the basketball court in basketball?

About Two Shots

Sam loves basketball and can sink the ball in the net 65 percent of the time if he takes 30 shots how many will he sink?


If a basketball player hits three point shots 45 percent of the time what is the chances if she takes four shots during a game that she misses the first shot and hits the last three?


A soccer team made 52 penalty shots out of 100 Which ratio represents successful penalty shots to missed penalty shots?

3 over 25 and 88% missed

Who are the leaders in missed shots in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant

What are Chest height basketball shots?


Where can one watch crazy basketball shots?

One popular way to watch crazy basketball shots is to look for them on YouTube. By simply searching for crazy basketball shots on YouTube's website you can find an endless supply of entertaining videos.

What does Seven shots in the paint mean?

Seven shots in the paint means, seven shots on the basketball court.

What is BS in basketball?

BS is a statistic measure in basketball and stand for Block Shots