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Each coin has two possible outcomes, either Heads or Tails.

Then the number of outcomes when all 4 coins are tossed is, 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 16.

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There are sixteen different outcomes. To figure this you multiply the number of possible outcomes for each coin, which is 2 for all of them. So you take 2^4 which comes out to 16.

There are technically 8 possible outcomes if you are talking about the side of the coin it lands on. Each coin has 2 possible outcomes (landing on heads and landing on tails). To figure out the number of outcomes for all the coins you multiply the outcomes for all of the coins together: 2 X 2 X 2= 8.

Quarter: 24.26mm Nickel: 21.21mm Penny: 19.05mm

Penny-Lincoln. Nickel-Jefferson. Dime-F. Roosevelt Quarter-Washington...

Penny: 2.5 gramsQuarter: 5.67 gramsNickel: 5 grams

Yes, you can make seventy-four cents with nine coins: quarter, quarter, dime, nickel, nickel, penny, penny, penny, penny

There are eight possible results when flipping three coins (eliminating the highly unlikely scenario of one or more coins landing on their edge): Dime - Heads / Nickel - Heads / Penny - Heads Dime - Heads / Nickel - Heads / Penny - Tails Dime - Heads / Nickel - Tails / Penny - Heads Dime - Heads / Nickel - Tails / Penny - Tails Dime - Tails / Nickel - Heads / Penny - Heads Dime - Tails / Nickel - Heads / Penny - Tails Dime - Tails / Nickel - Tails / Penny - Heads Dime - Tails / Nickel - Tails / Penny - Tails

* a nickel , penny, quarter * quarter penny nickel REASON: you said 1 wasn't a penny never said 2 or 3 wasnt ha ha ha

A quarter, a nickel, a dime, and a penny is only 41 cents ... not enough to make 75 cents in even one way.

A penny is 1/5 of a nickel, 1/10 of a dime, 1/25 of a quarter and 1/100 of a dollar. A nickel is 1/2 of a dime, 1/5 of a quarter and 1/20 of a dollar. A dime is 2/5 of a quarter and 1/10 of a dollar. A quarter is 1/4 of a dollar.

move the penny on the far right over to the other side on the left and then move the 1st nickel over to the right...hence penny penny penny nickel nickel

Penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, dollar.

six pennies, a nickel and a penny, six cents, one one-hundredth of a dollar, one tenth of a penny, one quarter of a quarter.

there are 6 main coins in Canada and they are the Penny,Nickel,Dime,Quarter,Loonie and Toonie

In the US: Cent (Penny), Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Half Dollar, Dollar

A copper wire, small piece of nickel, a penny, dime, quarter...

One of them is not a penny but the other one is! One nickel and one penny. Trick question. The other one is a penny.

penny nickel dime quarter kennedy 1/2 dollar eisenhower silver dollar

If you disregard the sequence of outcomes, there are 6 possible outcomes: 0H 5T 1H 4T 2H 3T 3H 2T 4H 1T and 5H 0T If not, there are 25 = 32 outcomes: TTTTT, TTTTH, TTTHT etc.

Penny- 2.41 cents Nickel- 11.18 Dime- 5.65 Quarter- 11.14 1$ coin- 18.03 Its absurd considering it cost twice as much to make a penny and a nickel then what they are worth.

A Buffalo Nickel stamped on a penny is worth $800.00. A Jefferson Nickel stamped on a ZN penny is worth $70.00. A Jefferson Nickel stamped on a CU penny is worth $60.00.

a penny is worth a cent. so pretty much it is a cent. and a quarter is 25 cents and a dime is 10 cents and a nickel is 5 cents ...

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