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Old one. Make a square out of four squares, then remove two adjacent inside toothpicks. This leaves a large square with a small square inside.

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Q: If you use Toothpicks to make four squares move only two so that two squares remain and a toothpick must be a part of a square?
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How do you make 2 squares with 12 toothpicks?

Put two toothpicks per side on one square. On the other square use one toothpick per side. You will get two squares out of twelve toothpicks.

Use 9 toothpicks to form 3 squares each side of which is a complete toothpick length?

This can be done in 3D. Place four toothpicks in a square shape on a flat surface. Take a further two toothpicks and place them in such a way that they for an upward triangle on two adjacent sides of the square on the floor. Take a further two toothpicks and do the sam on the other adjacent side. Take the last remaining toothpick and joint the two triangles. You have now created three equally sized squared in 3D

How do you make 5 squares out of twelve toothpicks?

# Make a plus sign with 4 toothpicks. # Make a large square around the plus sign with the remaining toothpicks (2 toothpicks per side) You now have 4 small squares inside 1 large square... total of 5 squares.

How do you make 3 squares with 12 toothpicks?

A square has 4 sides therefore 3 squares from 12 toothpicks will simply be three unconnected squares

Toothhpicks in a drawing have been arranged to from four square remove two of the toothpicks and leave only two squares?

Remove one of the outer toothpicks and one of the dividers of two squares. there you have two SQUARES .

How do you move 2 toothpicks to make 2 squares from 4?

You arrange 12 toothpicks into a large square, subdivided into four squares : 2 toothpicks on each side and four more, one each from the middle of the sides to the center of the large square. Now you have four (small) squares. Take away 2 adjacent toothpicks from the ones in the center, and you have 2 squares : one remaining small one and the large one that has the small one inside it. (see related link)

How do you make 2 squares using 10 toothpicks?

Start with a 2x2 square (that uses 8 toothpicks) Use the other two to make a 1x1 square in one of the corners of the big one..

How do you make seven squares from twelve toothpicks?

make three squares and overlap them so that two of them meet in the center of the third square, making four smaller squares in the center

How do you make two squares with seven tooth picks?

Make one square out of four toothpicks and then make another square using one of the sides of the first square and the remaining three toothpicks. It is easy. Make a square out of four toothpicks. Put three toothpicks around one of the bottom corners of your first square to form a second square. IGNORE THE LINES LOOK AT THE NUMBERS! 1__2 3__4__7 ___5__6

Is 18 toothpicks enough to form 5 quadrilaterals if no quadrilateral shares a toothpick with another quadrilateral?

Yes, if a generic square is made, and a toothpick along the vertical and horizontal line of symmetry, and then another generic square. 18 is enough to form it, and so is any double-digit number.JK they cant share any. But maybe, if you use more than toothpicks

How can you form six squares with only twelve toothpicks?

Using 8 of the toothpicks, make a square with two on each side. Using another two, make a smaller square in one corner of the first. Using the remaining two, make a cross in the middle of the second square. One large square on the outside, one medium square inside it and four small squares formed inside that, for a total of six.

How do you move three lines from four squares to make three squares of equal size?

Is this question supposed to have 12 toothpicks to make 4 squares and then move 3 toothpicks to make 3 equal sized squares? Answer depends on the restrictions. Just move 3 sticks from any square to form a straight vertical or horizontal line up of squares is one option if there is no restrictions other than the three resulting squares are equal sizes.

Draw arrows to show how to rearrange exactly 2 of these toothpicks so that you will have 4 squares instead of 5 each square is to be?

the answer is 24

Toothpicks with five squares move only two to make seven squares?

Note that the question does not say how the 5 squares are arranged. Let me specify one scenario: ____ |_|_| |_|_| |_| Take the two toothpicks from the upper left corner (the upper-right and the corner right below it will do too) and put them inside one of the remaining squares like a cross +. I can count 7 squares or 8 squares, depending on whether I count the square that contains the + or not. If your question can be more specific about the count of toothpicks, perhaps we can have a better solution. ======================

How do you make a square out of 3 toothpicks?

break the toothpicks and you've doubled your amount of toothpicks

How many toothpicks are required to form the large square with 6 toothpicks on a side?

24 toothpicks.

Are squares square?

Squares are square by definition.

Do you think the relationship between the length of the side of a square and its area will remain the same for squares bigger than 15 units?


How many toothpick are in a 13 by 13 square?


How much square fit in on square yard?

How many squares fit in 1 square yard will depend on the size of the squares.How many squares fit in 1 square yard will depend on the size of the squares.How many squares fit in 1 square yard will depend on the size of the squares.How many squares fit in 1 square yard will depend on the size of the squares.

How many squares are in a square?

1? there are 5 squares in A square.

Is a retangle a square or is a square a rectangle?

A square is a rectangle, rectangles don't have to be squares but squares have to be rectangles.

What is a square rhombus?

A square rhombus is a square. All squares are rhombi but not all rhombi are squares.

How are there 204 squares on a chess board?

There are 64 squares on a chess board. Since a chess board is composed of 64 individual squares, you can arrange any 4 of them into a larger square of its own. This larger "square" would be a 2x2 square. With this type of progression and with a mix of configurations there are 204 "squares" (as opposed to "spaces") on the board beginning with the single square space up to the single large square of the entire board itself. This is the mix: 1 8x8 square 4 7x7 squares 9 6x6 squares 16 5x5 squares 25 4x4 squares 36 3x3 squares 49 2x2 squares 64 1x1 squares

What is 32 squares in square meters?

32 squares is 297 square meters.