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108 cubic feet

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Q: If you used 36 cubic feet of water what is your water bill for three months?
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What is the average water bill monthly in California?

I live in southern California. My water bill is $70 average in winter and $100-120 in the summer months.

What is the average water bill for people in bellingham WA?

170.00 every two months

What is the average water bill in a 2 bedroom apartment?

This really depends on where you live. In Pennsylvania, USA, the average water bill for two people living in a two bedroom apartment last year was about $50 every three months, but that was actually half of the bill for a house divided into two 2BR apartments. Three people lived in the other half. I know, we only should have had to be 2/5! But it was not my decision.

How many cubic feet are in a gallon?

Gallons per cubic foot1 cubic foot = 7.4805 US gallons1 cubic foot -=6.2288 Imperial gallonsOne cubic foot is equal to 7.4805 US Gallons, -6.2288 Imperial GallonsAlso,1 cubic foot = 1728 cubic inches1 US gallon = 231 cubic inches (by definition)1 cubic foot = 1728/231 gallons = 576/77 gallons ~= 7.48 gallons1 US gallon = 231/1728 cubic feet ~= 0.133681 cubic feetSample Water Bill CalculationAssumptions:Note: . This refers to 100 cubic feet. If your bill says you used 10 ccf, that would be 1000 cubic feet, or almost 7500 US gallons.Also: "Water bills" can also include other costs such as sewer and trash collection. Read your bill closely to determine exactly what you're paying for.

Can you explain the T Bill rates to me?

The website offers a lot of information on T Bill, or treasury bill rates. These are short-term, typically three months, promissory notes.

How much does water cost per liter under cambridge water in the uk?

At Cambridge Water we charge 0.858p for a cubic metre of water (2012/2013 prices). There are 1000 litres of water in a cubic metre, so a litre of water costs 0.000858p.You can find out more about Cambridge Water's current prices at the following link: customers receive a bill every six months which consists of a service charge and a volume charge. If you have a wastewater service, you will also be charged a service charge and a volume charge, usually at 90% of the water that passes through your meter.The table below shows the average cost of a metered water bill with surface water drainage.Number of occupiersVolume (m3)Water (service charge + volume charge)Wastewater (service charge + volume charge @ 90%)Total for each bill (six months)130£ 40.04£ 84.17£124.21255£ 61.79£119.73£181.22380£ 82.94£155.29£238.234100£100.10£183.74£283.84For more details visit the link.

Do you have to pay a bill sent 6 months late?

Yes, you have to pay a bill that was sent six months late.

What is the water bill for a two story house with three bedrooms?

That depends (a) on how many occupants there are, and (b) whether your usage will be by annual fixed bill, or water meter. --------------------------------------------------------------------- With a meter the bill is based on how much water is actually used and the used water that must be removed, not the size of the house.

What is 1.5 Ccf in gas bill?

ccf refers to cubic feet of gas. In this case, 1.5ccf is 150 cubic feet.

Indianapolis Water Company Check your bill on line?

I would like to see a statement of payments for the last couple of months. And the charges.

How many cubic feets are in the dollar bill?

A US one dollar bill measures 2.61 inches wide by 6.14 inches long, and the thickness is 0.0043 inches. This equates to a displacement volume of 0.00004 cubic foot per bill.

If you have two leaking taps one tap gives a drip of water per second the other tap gives two drips of water per second can this make a difference to your water bill?

Yes, a huge difference , over a three (3) year period one of my accounts had to pay a $27,000 water bill the cubic feet really add up fast Your wasteing 657000.183 Gallons A YEAR not including the cost of fuel to heat the hot water waste per day is 1800.000 Gallons

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