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10k per hour = 6.2137119 miles per hour

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Q: If you want to run 50k in 5 hours what do you need to average per mile?
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If you want to run 50 kilometers in 5 hours what do you need to average each mile?

6.21 miles per hour.

What speed do you need to average to run a 7 minute mile?

Seven minutes is 7/60 hours. If you want to make your speed in miles per hours then divide 7 into 60. 60/7=about 8.57 miles per hour. A fast jogger could do this. I'm a fast walker and can average 4.1 mph.

How many hours is 216.84 miles?

Hours is time. Miles is length/distance.. No conversion. If you want to know driving times, you need a speed. (or at least an average speed.)

What is the average 2 mile run for a 17 year old women?

depends on how good you want to be. To qualify for States a ten minute two mile is really good, but an average would be about fifteen minutes.

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How many land do you need to build a dirt racing track?

Depends on how big you want your track to be. 3.8 mile 1.2 mile or 1 mile exact. Not including seating, parking, and food.

If a car's average speed is 59 kilometers in 2.6 hours?

If what you want is the total distance traveled, you need to multiply the average speed by the time.Please note that "59 kilometers" is not a speed; perhaps you mean "59 kilometers per hour". If, on the other hand, "59 kilometers" is the TOTAL DISTANCE, and you want the average speed, you need to divide the total distance by the time.

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What is the average cost per mile excluding insurance and depreciation?

The IRS allows: .51 cents per mile for business. .19 cents per mile for medical or moving expenses. .14 cents per mile for charitable expenses. Want to know what a particular make & model will cost per mile then click the link.

What is the driving time from Houston to California?

On average, the time is 30 hours, depending on where in California you want to go to.

Is an 8min mile good for a 57 year old man?

Are you kidding?! Of course it is. The average time it takes me to run a mile is roughly 7:30 min and I'm 16. Good job, keep it up! :) It makes me want to go run a mile now haha

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If you want to become a surgen then your working hours will be 50 hours a week. Or 10 hour a day.

How many hours do you need to spend to become perfect at something?

A great deal will depend on what you want to do. Insports about six to eight hours a day will do.

What is its diameter in kilometers (1 mile 1.6 kilometers)?

If you want to convert some measurement from miles to kilometers, you need to multiply by 1.6, approximately.

How far is 1 knotical mile?

as far as you want it to be

You want to meet samrat of mile jab hum tum?

iwantto see mile jab humtum episoid

Do you need to use a starting block for the mile event?

No. You don't want a starting block. Starting blocks are for the use of short (running/sprinting) events such as the 70m and 100m. The reason why we use starting blocks is to push off of something to get a fast start. Thus, you don't need/want one for the mile event as you should not be running as fast as you can all the way.

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